How far is too far?

How hard can you push coming back? I hate the guessing game coming back from an injury. Big time.

The Achilles has healed impressively well this last week, which allowed for a great training week (considering just 2 weeks ago I was pretty much sidelined to the bike/elliptical). I was able to log 60 (!!) miles, with one run of 20 miles and one of 16. Not bad at all! And I still have 4 weeks to go to build fitness, get that “long run strength” back, and in general build my confidence up.

The question becomes, where is that line? How many days in a row can I run before I should take a cross training day? This week I went from being estatic about running 2 days in a row to now stringing 4 days back to back. It’s a little tight every run (vs. when I take a day of cross training it isn’t tight at all the next day), definitely looks puffier than the healthy side — obviously that means it’s not 100%. The plan for today and tomorrow was a double (my first!) and a tempo/1000m workout tomorrow. On my run over noon today, I contemplated that. The hard workout falls on the 5th day of running in a row, after my first double… is that too much? Should the Achilles not be sore before starting my first full-length hard workout?

Argh. So many questions. Glad to have Jerry to throw stuff like this at & have him create the path forward.

On another note, we’re withing 4 weeks! Yikes!! My husband reminded me that I need to declare my fluids by Wednesday this week. Hope I’m on top of all of the other logistics/entry stuff/etc…

Cool Olympic Trials preview – thanks for the shout out, Chad! Hope I can continue that “remarkable improvement” with another big PR!!!

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