Runnin’ on Empty

Wow, I’m exhausted. I’m trying to recall, but I think there have been just 2 days in the last 3 weeks where I’ve slept 8 hours. Otherwise, I’ve been getting around 6-6.5, and I can totally tell… I’m not working as quickly at work (just can’t concentrate very well) and I’m easily upset and stressed. Last night on my run I couldn’t quite concentrate on how I was running or how fast I was going. I cut the run down to just 7 miles (from 14). I felt really bad about it, but Nate urged me to cut it back. My HR was a bit higher than normal for an easy run, and we knew we’d have to be up late cleaning the house (inspector is coming tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t value it really low…)… uggg.

This weekend we have a 5K on Saturday morning and a long ski/run on Sunday morning. The key will be getting to bed early (which I am NOT good at)!!

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