Trying to get back up to speed

It’s amazing what a little bug will take out of you. I tried running on Tuesday and the first few miles felt horrible. I felt like I was totally out of shape — breathing harder, heart rate higher. I was able to go 7 miles, averaging 8:03, which I guess isn’t too bad. My legs didn’t want to go any further, though…

Today I did a speed work at the track in Red Wing. 5x600m. After just one of them, a middle school gym class comes out to play bocce ball (is that what it’s called? it’s the game with the mallets and big ceramic balls)(I think it’s croquet…). Made the workout very entertaining!! I got a few “keep ruuuuuunnnning” comments, stares from a group of 3 taller, well-dressed girls every time I ran around, and the gym teacher told me I was “inspiring her class” :). Funny. Was I inspiring them to someday join the track team? Or to stay the heck away from it because obviously only psycho people do it… what fun is running round and round?

That got me to thinking… it’d be really cool to teach a “track” or “CC” course there at some point. I wonder if people come in and do those things? Maybe even XC skiing, but the equipment would be a big hurdle to get over. Might be a cool thing to do :). I think they’d learn something (and I could encourage the quick ones to think about joining a team!). They would probably do more than they did during their 10 minute gym class (which, by the way, they were WAAAY less active in than during their prior recess). I couldn’t quite figure out what they were doing. Some were “shot-putting” the ball around (seriously, with the spin), some would try to throw it up a hill, run after it, and throw it down. Some were simply terrorizing other kids with the mallets, screaming and running around. Oh, middle school chaos :).

My times were slow, especially the first two. 2:11 for the first one, 2:08 for the second. Hmmm. My legs just don’t have that pop. By the end I did a 2:01 and a 2:03, so at least that was better. My leg hasn’t been working 100% lately either. I’m just falling apart!! I can tell it’s time to shut down the training for a while :). Just have to patch myself together for another 2 weeks…

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