"I Still Think You're the Best!!!"

Said a man passionately at about mile 4-5 of the marathon. I know why he said it. I was so off the back of the pack, it wasn’t even close. I thought about my dad and how he would probably cheer the same thing. I ran the next mile in tears. I wanted to be with the pack! I want to be able to compete!! 🙁

From the start, I knew I was going to be in back of the pack. I knew my legs had felt terrible post-Chicago. Terrible. But, I was still hoping I could erk out a sub-3… but the legs were not cooperating, at all. 
As in: I struggled to stay upright and not trip over my clumsy and somewhat locking-at-the-knee legs at the start (at mile 2 already! And I wasn’t going that fast!). I’ve had that feeling in training lately, but it’s come on sooner and sooner in training sessions. Never as early as mile 2 :(.
I stopped to stretch for a brief moment before mile 2. After that brief stop, I wondered if I could finish… 24.2 more miles? Oh, Lord….
But I decided to just run. I’d run as fast as the legs would let me and back off when I felt like I’d trip over them. To “run happy”, which was my original goal. 
Unfortunately, that led to a 3:24 finish , my slowest ever. But I fought through, didn’t stop after that first stretch, and ran with a smile on my face the whole way (except after the “I still think you’re the best” guy) :). 
Although my slowest finish, by far, I am proud of myself for putting myself out there and still finishing a race that would have been easy to drop out of. This was an amazing opportunity, and I am humbled by it and the company that I met along the way. 
Until tomorrow or Tues,
Runningly yours,

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  1. Sorry to hear that your legs are still not feeling great. I read your blog regularly and wondering if you ever had your health checked out such as your thyroid and adrenal glands. If these are off they could be leading this feeling in running and you start run sub-par performances. Just something to consider. I wish you the best!!

  2. You guys are just awesome. Think I'll always remember the "I still think you're the best!" cheer and your comments here :). Seriously.

    I don't know about "inspirational", but guess I'll take it – thanks a lot :). Enjoying some down time now and then excited to get back "after it"!

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