NYC Marathon!

Almost finished packing to leave for the Big Apple! So exciting!

NYC psted this women’s preview: which lists all of the “elites” that have been invited. Note there are just 14 Americans listed here, and just 37 total (international + USA). It’s smaller than in years previous.

It still is unbelievable to see my name on lists like this… note my interesting fact is my “indoor world record”. Ha!

A previous elite women’s field. I think I’ll have my last name as a bib #?

Wish I could say I was in a better place to “race” on Sunday, but I’m not. My legs are still not cooperating. I think the distance will actually be a challenge, vs. the pace I run it at (first time I’ve felt that in a while). I can’t change where I’m at, though, and instead will choose to “Run Happy” and take in the experience. After all, there are only 13 other American women who have this opportunity, and I do feel like it’s a once in a lifetime chance. It should be a ton of fun.I promise to take a lot of pictures and post along the way!

Seriously?!? Sorry, still have to gasp at the fact that this is the freaking NYC marathon  and I’m an invited ELITE there!!! Awesome!

Nate and I will be driving up to his parents’ place tomorrow evening so they can watch Mesa and give us a ride to the airport Friday morning.

I am SO excited to arrive in NYC!! What an awesome opportunity!!!

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