Progress! And goal setting :)

It’s been a while :). I blame my work, which has been a bit overwhelming as of late.

First item to note: I’ve seen progress in my workout times, which has been exciting. This week has particularly been exciting. Two workouts to note:
5×1000: 3:20, 3:20, 3:21, 3:24, 3:22
20 miles with 2×3 mile: 3 miles in 17:47, 17:46 (not sure where I learned to be so consistent!)

I haven’t done any long VO2 max yet this cycle until the above 5x1000m workout, but I was impressed by how my legs/lungs handled the workout. I was a little afraid since I hadn’t done any VO2 max since well before the marathon, but I think the crazy 200/400 workouts Jerry has me doing are helping with my ability to handle longer repeats as well (the fact that there’s no recovery from those 200s or 400s). I did my long run with tempo this morning, and for the FIRST time since the Trials was able to exceed Jerry’s recommended paces for tempo. Ahhh, YEESSS!! Progress! About time!

So excited to be getting faster. Now… just need to make sure I continue to get faster this next month… goal for the end of the April is to try to take down the GAC 5k stadium record, currently 17:18, set by Simone last Spring. I’m not sure my short, marathon-specific legs can move that fast, but I’m going to try my hardest to make it happen :).

I also raced last weekend, for the first time: the Human Race 8k. This is typically my opening race, and it’s always exciting to see where you stack up against the top competition (since pretty much all of the top racers are there). I finished 6th, in 29:36. It was 17 seconds slower than last year, which I was a little disappointed in, but after I reviewed both races I was less disappointed. Last year the weather was cool and rainy (perhaps my best racing conditions). This year was hot & sunny (a few reprieves from clouds, thank goodness!). Last year my legs felt great – I remember finishing feeling strong, snappy. This year my legs had nothing. After about mile 2, I could feel I was fighting fatigue.

So – I’m sure you’re wondering: what ARE my running goals for this year? Good question 🙂 I’m still in flux for this fall, but for the spring/early summer, I’m gunning for that GAC stadium record in the 5k, which I’ll have 2 chances at, and I’m leaning toward racing the full marathon at Grandma’s. Originally Jerry and I had talked about doing the 1/2 there (since it’s the US Championships, what better opportunity to run a fast 1/2?), but I find I’m much more excited about racing the full & trying to crack the top 10 (and place as high as possible).

The ultimate goal is to run sub 2:40 this year. I don’t know if that’ll be at Grandma’s or at a fall marathon, but I’d love to chase that time goal. It’s a powerful thing – to have a time goal that’s a little on the crazy side – to motivate you beyond what you’d normally give.

So — let’s hope for another month of improvements! Sub 17:18, here I come!

P.S. Nate took home a Little Caesar’s pizza tonight, and I successfully only allowed myself one bite (trying to eat healthier). This deserves praise – I ate an egg white/spinach wrap instead. Although that last slice is calling my name…

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  1. I saw you at the start of the Human Race and was going to say hi, but you had your game face on and I thought I'd let you concentrate. Then, when I saw you in the race, at about 4 miles, I got distrcated and didn't cheer for you… oh well, next time. A lot of people were really struggling that day with the weird warm weather.

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