A little achy

This is sad. I’ve done 40 miles in the last 4 days, and my body is pretty achy! My quads are tight, i’m feeling a little twinge in my back, and the ball of my foot hurts a little.

The sad part is that I feel like that after averaging just 10 miles a day. JUST 10 miles a day, some of you are saying? That should be something I handle well, so that’s the sad part. I guess I’m just getting used to the mileage. Even though I put in 3-4 70 mile weeks during the winter, I never pushed to the point where I was sore, achy, etc — and ran through it. Plus, I’ve added in a few more “hard” miles now.

Gives me a good excuse to ask for a massage from my husband!

And, on another topic: Even though I like being coached by my husband, it’s really hard to hear him say I need to change things. I told him I needed him to work on me (he knows how to crack my back/joints properly), he said that I probably need to start lifting more — which will help with my back/hips (they tend to get out of place easily). I actually like lifting, but I have a hard time making time for it. I told him that and he said, well… you did find time for a 12 miler, right? Yeah, yeah. Guess that’s right. If I can find time for a 1 1/2 hour run, I can find 10 minutes to lift and stretch.

He goes on further to say that this cycle I should focus on the little things more often. That to get to that next level I’m going to need to watch all of these. He’s right, even though I don’t want to hear that. I’ve gotten faster over the last year by fine-tuning my training plan to best suit me, but there’s only so far I can go based on just doing workouts alone. Yes, I’ll probably get a little faster with another good cycle under me — but to get MUCH faster, I’m going to have to schedule in time for lifting, stretching, and take time to watch what I’m eating.

Okay, Okay. I’m heading out for a 12 miler now (yeah 1/2 days on Fridays!), and I intend to lift a little and stretch either afterwards or later tonight when Nate is home. I’m writing this here so you all can hold me accountable :).

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