This will make things a LOT harder…

As you know, one of my big goals this year was to re-claim the world record in the indoor marathon. Well, something of THIS magnitude happened a week and a half ago:

Photo credits: Justin Gaymon/Armory Foundation

Yep, the world record was lowered by 9 minutes. Now… my PR is still faster than this… and I did run that PR after solely training on the elliptical for 6+ weeks leading into the Trials… but still. That was at the height of my career.

I’m not saying chasing this goal is totally out… but it just became infinitely harder. I always say that lowering an already fast marathon time by a minute becomes infinitely harder. Does this mean Allie made my goal 9 x infinity times harder?

The men’s record was also lowered, to 2:21. I used to race in the MIAC against Marcus, so am more than happy he was able to break it!

Here’s a nice recap:

Your turn:
Is anyone planning 9+ months in advance for an indoor marathon in 2017?

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