Carb Depletion Phase = Yuck

It’s only half way through Day 1 and I already feel gross. But it’s completely my own doing.

This morning Nate made a beautiful omlet, complete with a chicken breast and bacon. I was so excited. I haven’t eaten anything resembling this in a really long time!

As we changed into our running gear later in the day I commented on how I felt slightly sick. He said, “That’s because you snacked on bacon this morning!” To which I replied, “That’s because it tasted so good! But now it tastes so bad…”

True quote. I’m not used to eating any fat (well, very little), so it was probably too much of a shock for my system. But it was really good at the time (and fun to tell myself I could eat it!). Going forward I will only be eating HEALTHY no-carb options. Problem is, what is there to eat? Chicken breasts, egg whites, pork, peanut butter, fish? Ug.

Already looking forward to a heaping bowl of oatmeal Wednesday morning!

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