Less than a week to go!

I always look forward to tapering. Until it actually comes…

I looked at my training plan for the next week and realized just how little there is on it… 8 mile run tomorrow, 8 miles Monday with a tiny bit of uptempo work in it, and then practically nothing until race day.

It’s sort of fun, since I have more free time to do things around the house (I think my house may actually be clean by the end of the weekend!), I don’t feel the need to sleep ALL of the time, etc. Plus, your legs are feeling fast & fit, which is also really fun. But, I feel lost, like I’m missing a best friend! Where did my doubles go? Where’d my long run go? I love marathon training, I really do…

For the last 3 days, I have been dreaming of warm, soft, goey chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip banana bread. Yuuummmmmm… Don’t they sound heavenly? These cravings are happening before my 1 week marathon-diet, can’t imagine what I’ll be dreaming of by the end of this week. Just have to make it to next Saturday night… desserts, greasy food, and drinks then :). I can do this!!

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