Pregnancy Week 13

Week 13 already!
The Great:
Training has gone really well this week. 
Every day that I go out, I’m giving myself the option of two workouts: one short and one long. I’ll start with the goal of the short run, and if I’m feeling good, I’ll extend it. This is probably what I’ll do going forward, since otherwise I would find myself planning for a long run, then feeling crummy and not finishing it (gasp!) or pushing through it and then paying for it later. 
That meant my 5 mile easy run on Monday with Craig turned into a 10.25 miler! I felt great (almost normal!), and decided early on I’d try for the 8 miles that was written for Tuesday. But as we approached that, I was still feeling good… so knocked out my “long” run for the week! 
It was a GREAT run – conversation made the miles fly by, and I followed Craig through the arb for the last few miles, which made those miles go by quickly. I finished and immediately called Nate to tell him about the great run :). 
I used to make those same excited calls after I nailed a long run with hard tempo work in it, but hey — I’ll enjoy that same excitement with an unexpected “feeling good” day now :).
TNC gear is in! It looks great. I’m excited to see the jerseys out on courses this year. Sharon will be wearing hers on the streets of Boston on Monday – woot, woot!!

Everything turned out just awesome!
Men’s long sleeve
Next week: Next week is going to be busy! I’m speaking at the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo on Friday evening at 8pm (info here). Stop by if you’re free on Friday!
Saturday is the Gustavus Alumni Meet. I’ve always done both the 5k and the Alumni mile here, but this year will just be doing the Alumni mile (and likely, slowly). It should still be a really fun time!
Last, but not least, Sunday is the Maple Syrup Fun Run at the Faribault Nature Center!! Nate, Craig, and I will all be running in it. Mini’s first two races, back to back!
The Good:
My stomach is starting to show now! Eeek! 
I felt my stomach “stretching” one night when trying to fall asleep. The next morning I dressed to go out for a run with Nate. He looked at me for a while. 
“I think you’re showing more than you have been!”, he exclaimed.
Yep, think so… makes me a little scared for the coming weeks, since there is only one way for this baby to find room to grow…
A smaller-ish long sleeve definitely accentuates the stomach. Perhaps to the casual observer it still looks like I just ate too much??
The Bad:
Food doesn’t sound appetizing or taste the same. By the time I’m done making an evening meal for Nate and I, I’m very much over the meal.
I’ve also been pretty tired lately. I sleep a lot in the evenings and then find myself trying to stay awake in the afternoons (I don’t try too hard… usually I give in and lie down for a nap). 
Weight: 119.0
Training weight: +6
Getting pregnant weight: -1
Mileage: 40 this week with 2 days off. Felt so much better this week!

Obligatory side-shot. This was at the start of 13 weeks.

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  1. Why do you say dangerous to run while pregnant? Just curious, since all the doctors we have talked to say it is not dangerous, and in fact say exercise is good for both baby and mom. Plus there have been many top women runners (Paula R., Carrie T., Kara G., Lauren F., plus many more) who have run during pregnancy. I understand it is not good to start a running plan while pregnant, but for a serious runner it is healthy (and probably preferable) to continue running (as long as you monitor intensity).

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