NYC Updates… and a little grumbling

The NYC staff have done a great job of trying communicating.  The last email said (paraphrased slightly):

Hurricane Sandy hit New York City very hard
yesterday.  Everyone in the city is
working very hard today to bring the city back to normal, but this will take
more than a few days.  Some of the damage
is extensive, and there is a lot of flooding, which is the biggest problem
right now.
At the moment, all three airports (LGA, EWR, JFK) are
closed, and the city’s mass transit system is not running.  Most of the bridges and tunnels to Manhattan
are also closed.  Electricity is turned
off in parts of Manhattan, but the power at the Hilton and Sheraton Hotels is
still on.  Central Park remains closed,
and there are a lot of trees down. 
Then, they go on to  try to coordinate flights for the international elites – trying to get them into either Houston or LA – where they can fly out of once NYC’s airports open up on Wednesday.  I can’t imagine how messy the airports are going to be starting Wednesday… wonder how many of the 48k runners were planning to fly Mon/Tuesday (not to mention businessmen/women, vacationers, etc) and will now be scrambling for the first available flight.
Maybe it’s lucky that Nate and I aren’t planning to fly until Friday afternoon?  
On to more fun NYC Updates:  here’s the list of who I’ll be starting with.  How exciting to see my name on the list (still surprises me, pretty much anytime I look at it)!

And, as the title of the blog post suggests, I have one big complaint about this week:  metabolism!! I miss being able to eat whatever I want (well, not that I was eating a ton when training – but it seems like mountains compared to now!) and actually getting hungry in between meals and snacks!!  This is probably my least favorite part of the taper… I’m not in the least bit hungry, ever, and am having to really watch portion sizes now.  Yuck. And I’m even running every day – I can’t imagine if I wasn’t!  Perhaps this is why a lot of America is overweight?  

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