Coming Around!

My legs are slowly but surely coming around!  Today’s run was a big confidence booster – my feet hit the ground and immediately bound up, and there wasn’t any feeling of forcing the pace.  Nate and I clipped along at 7:50’s (vs. the 8:20s that have been common these last two weeks – including a run earlier this week where I started in 9:15 (tired legs!)).  We picked it up the last bit to home, and for the first time in a while, it felt GREAT to stride out.  My legs WANTED to move faster, and I felt like they could. Again, there was no forcing the speed – it just felt good to move.  I’m not to the point where my legs feel like they’re being “pushed”, like some of those amazing tapers give you, but if I have legs even a little bit more rested than what they felt like today, I’d definitely take it 🙂

On another note, Nate and I had a fabulous weekend.  Saturday we were able to watch the most IMPRESSIVE and inspirational race I have ever seen.  I’m not kidding. 

Gustavus women were racing at the MIAC championships at Como park.  They were ranked about 5th coming into the meet – they hadn’t beat Olaf, Carleton, St. Ben’s or St. Thomas coming into the meet.  They raced with as much heart and determination as I have EVER seen, placing 4 runners in the top 15 (All Conference) and their 5th in 26th place to take home the WIN!!  That’s the second time in the program’s history that the team has won the conference title (I was a part of the first team to win, in 2003).  I’m so proud of the women!  I’ll bring the memory of their faces, their determination with me to New York, no doubt.

Leighton, my cousin, also had a good race, although not quite what he was looking for.  He’s just saving it for a knock-out race at regions 🙂

Me + Kate Eggers, a senior on the team (yeah, someone my height!).  So proud of the Gusties!!

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  1. I knew you looked familiar and figured we had raced against each other in college. And maybe even high school. Where did you go to high school? (I'm going to guess Fairmont??) I should say "raced" because I was definitely NOT your competition. I went to Concordia and ran CC in 2002 – 2004. Good luck this weekend at New York!! Can't wait to hear how you do!!

  2. Really?!? too funny! I ran for Marshall High School, graduated in 2001. Then ran for GAC until 2005. Did you only run a couple of years for Concordia (Moorhead campus?)? Injury? It'd be really fun to find a couple of results to see where the two of us were!! 🙂
    PS – Are you still working hard on that Chobani connection for me? Ha – kidding, BUT if you were able to work something out, I would be the HAPPIEST gal on the planet!! 🙂
    PPS – Take care of that glute!!!

    1. Hmm. . . maybe we didn't race against each other in high school then–unless it was at sections. (I graduated in 2001 from Waseca High School.) I didn't run all 4 years in college because I transferred (multiple times). I started out at Southwest State University (I guess now known as Southwest Minnesota State University.) and then transferred to Concordia College (Moorhead, MN). But then decided I needed to back to SSU for a semester but then back at Concordia where I graduated in 2005. (Can you say indecisive!) I was definitely no where near your caliber. I think my best time in XC was 22:30 in the 5K. (Not good!)

      PS – I'll see what I can do about the Chobani samples. 🙂

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