Winter Running Recommendations!

An athlete recently asked me what I recommended for winter running. Just in time for Holiday shopping, here were my recommendations!

Winter running can be the best for base building and strength!

Yaktraxs – strap on a pair of worn
out shoes and then you’re set for winter!!!!! Don’t strap to a minamalist shoe or you’ll feel the metal traction more than you shoud. I use an old pair of
Brooks Adrenalines – works great! They’re a must if you run on snow/ice/crap πŸ™‚ Or any other shoe-studded option? Camille has a great blog on her studded shoes.

A buff – so nice to be able to pull up and down when you’re with the wind/against it… or in any winter conditions!

Dermatone for when it’s really cold & you want to protect your skin (vaseline might do the same?? Or Warm Skin?)

I am in LOVE with my Brooks Storm jacket, but I think they’ve
discontinued it. Dang. I ordered another jacket mid-year but it fit
really big (dang companies trying to fit the “average” runner!)… and I
am not that small πŸ™

Obviously, shoes are GREAT! Consider buying a gift certificate through a local shop or the brands’ site directly!

What about REFLECTIVE GEAR?!? I am a HUGE fan of anything reflective – vests, jackets, gloves, hats, you name it! Seriously, this is probably the best gift your runner hasn’t thought of!!!!
Women’s Nightlife products:,default,sc.html
Men’s products:,default,sc.html

GOOD pair of gloves! I’m spoiled since I have really warm hands when I
run, but if you don’t… let me know! I’ll reach out to cold-fingered

SmartWool or other wool socks!

tights – in love with Brooks’ Utopia Thermal Tight. (Women’s link here:,default,sc.html) I also have used the
CW-X lined tight – just harder to get on because there isn’t a zip πŸ™‚

Race Warm-Up Pants: I love Brooks’ Spartan Pants! Could be because they come in petite, but ya’ can forgive me for loving them! They also come in tall!!—Petite/220298001.020,default,pd.html?start=1&q=pants%20petite

Do you have a HR monitor to go with your Garmin/GPS monitor? If not, put that on your Xmas list!!

I’m in love with my SmartWool beanies. They’re a little larger and seem to be warmer post-workout when I’m
stretching/doing my sit-ups/push-ups πŸ™‚
Great fitting sweatpants are also awesome. I am guilty of wearing these OFTEN – but am not ashamed! They fit and are awesome! πŸ™‚
(Again, linking to the petite version… but they also have regular and tall version as well!)
Arm Warmers are great if you don’t have a pair. For racing long distances though (10k +),
though, I’m hesitant to strap on a good pair in case I need to strip
down. So maybe put some big white socks on the Xmas list? πŸ™‚
Do you have a Road I.D.?
The Brooks D’Lite shorts are GREAT – they look awful coming out of the wash (wrinkles!!), but don’t chafe at all. Wonderful πŸ™‚
bras are great – I own a LOT of their Versitile and their Infiniti bra
(helpful for during or post-runs if you happen to nip-out often… ) (Sorry men! But the women in your life will appreciate the Infiniti!)
For just wearing around: the Brooks vest is just AWESOME! I’m actually wearing it tonight πŸ™‚,default,pd.html?start=9&cgid=womens-apparel-outerwear
Headlamp! Petzel is a great brand, but really any will do. There are also other handheld/waist-light options available (which I intend to do a review on in the near future!).
Supplements: Generation UCAN is just awesome. Read my blog posts here. They’re offering a great Cyber Week sale if you’re interested in trying it!
Socks: The best socks I’ve found so far have been Feetures (sorry, Brooks!). I love their Meprorino offerings as well as their Elite products.

If there are other “must haves” for running, comment here!!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Great tips! It doesn't get too cold here in southeast Texas, but hats, gloves and arm warmers have helped get me through some cold runs. Sometimes I make myself some arm warmers out of tights.

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