Training Update – Week 3

First, the absolute BEST news: I WILL BE RUNNING FOR BROOKS AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!! I am so, so, SO grateful! What an awesome company. Despite the dismal end to my first year with them, I have the opportunity to chase that 2016 Qualifier with the Brooks logo in 2014! I am so thankful to be aligned with the company and the brand!

That, combined with the awesome support from Nutrilite, Anytime Fitness, Generation UCAN, Feetures, and Stunt Puppy… well, I am one lucky girl. Thank you to all of my generous sponsors for your continued support!

Second, on the training front: I’m running 40 miles this week, with a long run of 10 miles and one mid-week run with 4 short fartleks. I’m glad Chris is here to hold me back. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d be trying to do too much, too soon!

Last week’s back-to-back runs spoiled me a little bit – I was reminded how much FUN it is to actually be able to run, train, move at a decent pace, etc :). The beginning of the week has been harder. The legs are struggling a little more and I’m also fighting a cold (thank you, nieces!). As such, my HR has been much higher than usual for much slower than usual paces.

I know it’s part of the process. I’m starting from scratch, nearly, and there will be a lot of runs/workouts in the coming months that will be a lot harder than they used to be, not as fast, etc. So, I’ll keep my chin up and keep enjoying the fact that I’m able to run at all! It could be much worse.

And… on the non-running front: I’m finishing a quilt top that I started 5+ years ago. I was inspired to take it out and finish it when I went with my mom and aunt to my hometown fabric store and found the most awesome “next project”. I can’t start the next project until I finish the current one, so without further ado…

Mesa is helping 🙂
Making sure it fits on the bed.

Now, just need to iron and piece the back and do some finishing stuff. My mom gave me a certificate for long-arm quilting for this, which I am really excited about. Just need to pick out the patterns for the quilter to use!

Here’s the potential next project. I have never paper pieced, and this doesn’t come with a pattern (was at a quilt festival in 2010)… so I’m not at all sure if it’s do-able. But, I now have a paper piecing book and a snowflake pattern book, compliments of the library, so I’m hopeful I can learn.

I think this would make an awesome wall-hanging. First decision: stick with navy? Or do something in charcoals and blacks?

To sign off, I have to share something random just because it’s precious. Enjoy! Run happy!!!

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  1. 1. Mesa's looking grey! 2. Congrats on brooks! 3. Beautiful quilt! You are multitask enter! 4. That snowflake quilt looks redic!

    1. I know, she is!! It makes me so sad!! She doesn't need to be run as often anymore, either… perhaps just her absolute hate of the winter cold, but I've noticed a difference lately. I am such a nerd, but it actually made me tear up the other day!

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