Getting after it: 20:47! Plus 3 weekends of “life stuff”

Remind me not to get behind in my blogging!

Three weeks ago:

Three weeks ago I went down to the farm to visit my parents while Nate was in WI for a nordic ski training camp. I always enjoy heading down there.

Friday night Grandpa volunteered to babysit while grandma, great grandma, and I headed to Bingo. It’s a great opportunity to sit & catch up with the two of them.

I thought I remembered everything for me, Greta, and the dog…no small task… I was proud of myself…  except when I unpacked the car I realized I left my packed bag at home. Ug. So, all I had was what I was wearing: a denim dress and tall RW boots from our family/Greta’s 1 year pictures earlier that day.
It looked like I got really dressed up for bingo. Sweet.

Speaking of those boots — during the photo session I ran 1/2 mile + in them to get to an outfit change. That rubbed the skin on my heels and ankles off… and then I continued to walk in them for the rest of the day/evening since I didn’t have anything else. 

My ankles and lower legs swelled that evening. The next morning I could poke one side of my ankle and see the fluid bulge out on the other side. My right knee also hurt, I’m assuming it was also inflamed. I really should learn to acknowledge discomfort/pain and stop. Well, maybe.

*Sigh*, it forced me to take two days off from training. Note to self: boots are not made for running.

Enough about my crazy boots and ankles, though! I won “big” two games later. I had to split it with 3 other people… so winnings were $28. Woot, woot.
Breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. She had to wear a bow with her Grandpa’s Little Farmhand shirt so she didn’t look too much like a boy 🙂
Oh, really, mom? You want me to take a nap? When I could be helping Grandpa with something fun?!?
You KNOW I’m hurting when my dad asks me to run (training for our 5k together on Thanksgiving!) and I have to say I can’t. He brought up the 4-wheeler, though, and I drove along side him while he ran 2 whole MILES with very few stops. I’m really proud of the work he is putting in and can’t wait to run alongside him at Thanksgiving!
My dad was hurting a little bit after his run….
Telling Greta all about it!
My Dad and I then drove out to check out the line of evergreen trees we planted before Greta was born (named “The Greta Row”). They’re growing fast!
Not long after we returned, he decided he needed some vitamin I
Negating his run with a big, not-so-healthy-for-you (but oh so delicious) dessert. He said it didn’t count since he shared “most” of it with Greta. Yeah… right.

Mileage that week was 41.5 miles, including a long run of 11.5 miles and a 10 mile workout where I changed from 2 miles @ 8 min pace and 2 miles at 7 min pace. 7 minute pace is still hard for me!

Still working up there with mileage.

Two weeks ago:

The following weekend was Greta’s 1st birthday party. Per Jerry’s plan, I needed to get in a 12 mile workout with 5 of the miles at 7:15 pace before the party. Which means = early enough before the party to set up everything! Uf. I thought about moving the workout to a day where I didn’t have to be done so early, but then thought better of it. It’s just easier to follow the plan as written so I don’t have to think – just get up super early to get it done!
The 5 mile threshold went great! The first 2.5 miles I was running comfortably hard, just clipping along. The last 2.5 miles got progressively harder. By the last mile there was no way I was talking to those around me.

We finished our 5 mile threshold run on the track. The last mile I was WORKING, allowing myself to see what I had left in me. We notched a 6:50 to end the workout!
I was SO PROUD of this workout! The lask 5k was in 22:08, which was a recent 5k PR!

We were all up WAAAYYY too early. But, I was so proud of myself for deciding to stick to Jerry’s plan – just get ‘er done! Hard to beat company like this 🙂

Greta’s party was so much fun! I’ll post pictures in a future post.

I took pictures of our workout room that week and sent them to Brian, a friend and fellow 2005 GAC grad, who is a Strong Man competitor now. He was kind enough to say yes to a request from me to write a weekly lifting plan.

No, I don’t want to be a weight lifter/body builder, BUT I don’t want to be the very weak runner I am right now! I also want to learn new lifts, become stronger overall. I have not done much for strength work since before I decided to start a family back in late ’13, making it about 25 months? I have been good about my 26 push ups and sit ups after every run, but that’s about it…

So yes, when I say weak, I mean WEAK. I’m really excited to see what he recommends. I’ll also be excited to share my progress on here!

I can run over my lunch hour at Bethel; I LOVE my job and the flexibility I have! I also love that I’m 1/3 of a mile from St. Olaf’s trails. I don’t normally make it over to this side of town, so it’s a treat to explore over here!
Daily routine: drop Greta off, head to work, run over lunch, work, pick her up, dinner. Once a week we go right from her school at night to the YMCA to get a dedicated lift in.

Two days a week I leave work early to go to Omada, the addiction outpatient program here in Northfield. Today is day 111, and I honestly haven’t thought about alcohol at ALL in a very long time. It would take an awful lot to get me to touch it again, and I’m very proud to be able to say that.
I honestly think this summer’s problems were more of a function of  my bi-polar manic depression phase (and trying to cope)… but that’s a topic for a whole separate blog! 

Mileage: 50 miles. Highlights included an 11 mile workout w/ miles at 7:00, 6:45 and 6:30 (in between rest miles). I’m getting in shape; 3-4 weeks ago 7:15s felt as hard as 6:30s do now! The other highlight was the 5 mile threshold mentioned above. So much fun to watch myself becoming faster!

This past week:

Mileage: 55 miles. The highlight was the Frightening 5k, a race that I directed here in Northfield. I wanted a 5k race to see where I was at, so naturally decided to organize my own when I didn’t find one 🙂

Yep, I’m crazy like that.

The race went really well! I finished in 20:47 – a huge new PR for me! Just 80 days before this race I could only muster a 24:01 at Beauterre. That’s ~3:15, folks. Did I mention I’m getting back into shape? 🙂

NOW, the goal is sub 20. I think Jerry will have me race another 5k sometime during the week in November. I can’t wait!

I’m still waiting for Brian’s lifting plan, but in the mean time have been hitting up the YMCA once a week for a dedicated lift.

At the YMCA after my lift. I decided to bring swimsuits so we could enjoy the pool together afterwards. She wasn’t so sure about it… although seemed to warm up to the idea of a giant bathtub (her FAVORITE place!) after a while!

With dad, splashing up a storm

What else is new? Guess just a few things:

I’m starting to read this, although have been a little less motivated after hearing reviews… but I’m interested to see if it means a little more to me given the bi-polar diagnosis and recent experiences? I’ll let ya know.
I decided to see if she still enjoyed her bouncer. Turns out, she DOES!

As in: a 20 minute “bounce as hard/high as I can!” session. Her arms would fly up and she would just cackle! It was so much fun to watch her.
Do we have an endurance athlete in the making? 🙂

I cannot re-iterate how much the flexibility at my job means to me. On Friday I was able to swing by for Greta’s Halloween costume contest. It was hilarious! Here she is with a superhero’s mask – he gave it to Greta and she tried her hardest to put it over her eyes.
She won 2nd place…
To this awesome costume! His expression… couldn’t be more perfect.
Along with the miles, I’m trying to eat a lot healthier as well. My goal for the next thirty days is to  limit my intake of added sugars and packaged foods with more than 5 ingredients. It’s made me really think when packing my lunch for the day, that’s for sure!
The upside: wow, I can eat a lot more without that processed/added stuff!
And… I’m starting to recover between runs quicker. Could also be that I’m getting in shape at the same time… but I’ll keep telling myself it’s mostly diet choices.
As you can tell, I’m having a lot of fun training and getting faster. I absolutely love being back with Jerry around. I could give that man a huge hug every day when I see my schedule. I don’t know what it is about him or what he writes, or if it’s just where I’m at now, but I am pumped to be getting after it again :).
Now it’s your turn. Did you race in October? Distance/time? Was it a PR? What’s your next race and what’s your goal?

My answer: 20:47 at the Frightening 5k, a 3:14 PR from just 2.5 months ago! I can’t wait to break 20 minutes sometime in November!

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  1. Congrats on your race! I ran my first marathon after having hip surgery last fall – 19 minutes off from my PR, but worthy of celebrating nonetheless. Hoping 2016 will be my comeback year 🙂

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