And the Winner Is…

Drum roll, please!

In no particular order, top 3 votes were:
Anonymous (A. Olson)
J. Bailey (you KNEW Nate was going to go for the St. Thomas caption! :))
Marathon Mom
Katie Serbus
Marathon Mom

… so it looks like Marathon Mom won the gift card/consult! A very even distribution of votes, way to go everyone! Send me an email so we can see what we can arrange: [email protected]

I have so much to catch up on! This Saturday’s 5 mile tempo:

Early morning tempo workout before the party. Thanks to Mr. Jefferton for pacing, Teresa for being willing to wake up super early to run with me, and to Nate for rollerskiing along with us!

The (planned for tonight!) 800m workout – my first track workout in… what… 20+ months?…

Greta’s birthday party:

Homemade Birthday Banner. I think it turned out great!
Photo albums put up around the house
My daughter is awesome
Tigger themed party!

Training in general, 50+ mile weeks…

Taking a picture of our workout equipment for a Strong Man friend to write me a lifting plan. I am so freaking excited about this!
What’s wrong with this picture?

Organizing the Frightening 5k (sign up! It’s this Friday starting at 5:45 for the 5k, 5:30 for the Mini Monsters 1/2 Mile!)…

Bi-polar doc appointment and med change…

and just fun life stuff!

Just cuz it’s fun for me to know what y’all are up to: What was your “high” of the weekend? “Low”?

The high: Putting together and hosting Greta’s birthday party! I’ll have to share a lot of pictures, I think the theme and homemade ideas really pulled everything together!

The low: Missing my Sunday workout because I took waaayy to long of a nap. Extreme sleepiness is a side effect of the new drug I was put on… hopefully this doesn’t persist…

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  1. High=spending lots of time with family as I helped my aunt get ready for a confirmation party on Saturday, and then the actual party on Sunday. Low=Not enough time in the days to get housework done. Oh well 🙂

  2. Weekend low: being huddled in a tent at 6:30 AM and being soaked to the bone and cold/miserable

    Weekend high: getting out from there and rocking 7.7 miles of muddy and wet trails. That and hanging with my running team all weekend long

  3. We celebrated Cullen's birthday party this past weekend as well. 🙂 We had a farm theme. Hope all is well. The next time I come to MN, we're running together!!

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