My dear friends at Stunt Puppy would like to give one lucky individual their choice of…

A new Stunt Runner:
My favorite Stunt Runner: the Go Dog Glo Stunt Runner (reflective at night)
Or a new collar:
Any color you’d like! Check out all of their fun options:
Your lucky day!!!!! You all know how much Mesa and I love our Stunt Puppy gear, so I’m ecstatic to be able to host this contest!
[Just browsing their website looking at the options makes me wish I could enter the contest!!! :)]
To enter
1. Comment on this blog post on why you deserve a new leash or collar. 
2. Or, send an email to me ([email protected]) with a picture of your old leash/collar. Of the entries I receive, one comment and photo (the uglier, the better! Or, a creative “running” leash) will win your choice of either a new leash or new collar!! 
As always, feel free to use coupon codes: MESAMILES for 20% off, or STINKYLEASH for $5 off your order. 
Good luck, my running and furry friends!
~Nichole & Mesa

PS – Email addresses will NOT be shared with anyone!
PPS – If you’d like to be added to my monthly coaching newsletter, you can state that in your email… obviously, not necessary, but thought I’d mention the option!

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  1. My dog Raja knows when I strap on my tennis shoes it's time to go for a run. For the entire time we're out she about pulls my arm out my socket every time she sees a squirrel (which is every 30 seconds in the city). I've been wanting a waist leash for quite some time but somehow I'm still tolerating a dingy leash with knots in it, looped around the wrist of my now dislocated arm.=-O

  2. Hi I think I deserve a new leash because I really wanted to give something to Mesa after the baby is born so he doesn't feel ignored. I don't want him to feel left out, I did this when I had my second child. Sierra got a gift at the hospital from Violet, it helped with the transition. My leash I had with my dog is really old and ugly (probably dusty been in the closet for 5 years) and would not be very nice if I gave that (it looks like an old jump robe, from the 70's).

  3. I don't know if Mozzarella would fit in one of the collars, but I could use a leash for her and her little bunny harness. Plus if I had my own leash it would be easier for me to come "borrow" Mesa for a run now and then.

  4. Love the Stunt Puppy hands-free leash!

    Brian and Lahti have been using a monster leash (thingy) which throws Brian's whole stride off by weighing down his right arm! We would love to get Team Gregg outfitted for a Stunt Puppy system for the running season!

  5. Nestlé and I use the stunt puppy leash every time we run. It is the greatest. I am so glad you turned us on to Stunt Puppy a year ago it totally has made my run easier and saves my upper body I no longer hurt from his pulls, instead my entire body strength works. YEAH! When ever we head out Nestlé grabs the leash in his mouth , my challenge is to convince him to drop. My biggest fear is that the little it is clenched between his teeth he will eventually break it.

  6. My fiance and I like to run his dog with his stunt puppy, however, we only have ONE!!!! His fits him, so when I try to use it, it is way too big! (the tightening mechanism is stuck… 🙁 ) I would love one of my own so that we could BOTH run his dog!!! 🙂

  7. I recently started taking my mom's dog on short runs with me as part of her obedience training program. She will be a year old on Friday and had endless amounts of energy. She came into our home as a foster baby that my mom just could not part with 🙂 she is a sweetheart but has too much energy for my parents so running is a great outlet for her. Turns out, she is a natural runner! She is up to 6 miles so far and seems like she could go another ten with no problems. The trouble is she had succumbed to her first running related injury, her armpits are chafing really bad after each run from her harness so we can only run every 4 days or so after her 'owies' heal. A new running collar would be just the thing for this 4 legged endurance athlete!

  8. While changing an older dog's name, it is important to keep the vowel sounds the same than the consonants, since vowels are easier for the dog to pick up on and what the dog is actually listening for. So "Pinky" will accept "Mikey" but not "Porky.

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