Quilt Back Opinions?

I’m reaching out to those that might be more creative than me – need some votes/thoughts! [yes, this is a random, non-running, non-coaching post :)]

I finished the top of my Irish Chain quilt this weekend. I then measured the fabric I bought for the back only to find out it was too short. *Gasp*

It’s because the top of the quilt became a little larger than the typical queen quilt – and when I bought the back fabric, I just had them cut to what I’d typically need for a back.

SOO, I need to be creative (or buy new backing… not a huge fan of this, but could consider…).

This is what came to mind… I had never thought about doing something “fun” on the back of a quilt before!

Here’s the quilt top:

Rogue threads cut off, ironed, and now just waiting to be finished!

I could add some sort of stripe on the back:

I could add a “9 block” (what the Irish Chain is made of) to the corners, OR one 9 block in the lower left corner:

Late night sketching

I could add a fun paper-pieced emblem in the lower left, with stitching that says something like “Made by Nichole Porath, Spring 2014” under it. Here were some fun ideas from Pinterest (keep in mind that the top is very old-fashioned, so perhaps these are too modern?? Or perhaps that’s a nice contrast?):

I was thinking something unique in the far left hand corner, as sort of a “signature”?

LOVE this one. I’d do this in a heartbeat, but am not sure if it makes sense with the quilt top? Again, would embroider my name under any of these/to the side of them. 

Cute 🙂 

Another bird. Like that it looks artsy all by its lonesome.

Would do one in blue, then say something like, “Made with Love…” or something like that

An intricate star?
OR, I save the backing for another quilt (because I know there will be more) and buy something different. I’d go with some sort of a print then, instead of the plain cream/white I have:

No idea what I’d be able to find, but probably something in a blue?

Need your help – soliciting opinions, votes, and suggestions! Thanks a lot!!!

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  1. Your quilt looks great! You have some awesome ideas. Your quilt is very traditional so I could not recommend anything too modern but that doesn't mean you can't jazz it up a bit. I like your late night drawings. You most certainly could use fabric with pattern, there are a lot out there that could compliment your front. I would not recommend a stripe, to many issues. You should bring with when we meet the end of the month, we could shop for it when we are shopping for the other fabric.

  2. I adore that elephant quilt! Personally I think you should stick to something simple thats more in keeping with the front and use a square or some sort of stripe on the back. Good luck.

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