Highlights and Lowlights

-The race! I have no idea where that 19:05 came from, but I’ll take it!
-Long run (14) today: I ran alongside Craig and Andrew H. (TNC member) & Andrew W. from TX. They are in MN for a week visiting family for the holidays. The weather was dismal, so I was glad for their help in getting out the door.

L to R: Craig, me, Andrew H, Andrew W.

Everyone else forgot their red & green

Rain turning to snow. Gross. What an interesting winter so far
Very happy to have my 14 done! I had given myself the option of just 8 and doing 14 tomorrow. But, it’s always good to just Get ‘Er Done!

-Early Xmas gifts: I gave Nate his Christmas present early! I bought a Nikon DSLR camera for him our family. I also gave him a pull-up bar, which he has conveniently placed outside our dining room for lots of random pull-up sessions!

I also checked out a few books on photography from the library so we can learn how to take decent pictures. I’m excited!

Greta and I had fun in the children’s section of the library before we picked up my requested books.

-Watching Greta grow! She is becoming quite the walker, and I often fear for her safety as she stumbles around, trying to RUN. Yikes.

Here she is “helping” me cook

-Finding this star

Craig finds star in ditch during run
Craig picks it up and runs it back
Craig decides to put it in his helmet for his ride back home
Next day I put on my festive red and green for my run
Co-worker comments: that’s nice & festive and all, but did you SEE the man that bikes around town with a star on his hear?
HAHAHA! Guess he was pretty noticeable ๐Ÿ™‚

The penguin hat is in the lost and found at Bethel, in case you lost it & have been looking for it

-So many fun people to train with!

L to R: Nate, me, Joe, Kim (2:55 debut marathon!)

I requested that everyone wear Christmas colors/themed clothing. Our group looked pretty festive running around town together.  Apparently Kim missed the memo.

-8x 400m workout last week: I supposed to hit 80s. The fastest I could muster was 83, and I had one 87 in there. Oops. After so many weeks of constantly improving, I feel like I moved a little backwards this week. 
At least I had good company at the track!
It was Emma’s first track workout in ~6-7 years. After the workout I found out that she went to state in ’93 on the 4x800m relay with AMY OLSON (on the TNC team). Ha! What a small world! 

-3×1 mile workout: I was supposed to hit 6:00s on these, but hit 6:16, 6:17, 6:34 (into the wind). HOW did I run that 19:05, again? I’m baffled, really, since there haven’t been many (any?) workouts that are indicative of that.

-Graston: I don’t know if this is a lowlight or not, but I’ve been going to the chiropractor weekly for an adjustment and graston. I’ve hit my deductible for the year, so wanted to take advantage of my chiropractor benefits.
I have to say that the verdict is out for me on whether or not this helps. Has anyone done it? For an injury? Regularly?
Bruising of my IT band after my last treatment
-Dreading strength work: I’ve been putting strength work off… until it’s a new week & I decide to continue putting it off. I know I need to get after this, but am having a hard time. I think I need someone to write me a plan to follow…
Last week I did ~20 minutes. Woot, woot.

I haven’t done anything this week.
So, tonight I will. I’m writing this so all of you can hold me accountable.

Other randoms:
This article, which had the caption:
What can you do for exercise in the first 6 weeks post-partum?
Hint: Going for a run is NOT one of them.
… Hmm, so they are saying that I should not have run 4 miles just 13 days after my C-section? Ha!
-Northfield = the coolest city!
Gotta love Northfield. Random Santa sighting and picture when we out and about

-Having fun with a couple sewing projects. Which I need to finish tonight… hmm… better get to that…

Sewing two $1.44 black Friday fleece blankets together for Mesa. She sleeps under a blanket every night and her current blankets look a little… rough (that’s putting it lightly)
Cow blanket project in “the pile” waiting to be finished!

Enough from me! What were your weekly highlights and lowlights? 

Have you ever tried Graston?

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    1. Mesa and I could be best friend! wink emoticon Oh come to think of it, a picture of you and Mesa was up in our store the other week!! We were featuring Stunt Puppy leashes, and part of the display was a Stunt Puppy ad, and of course it was a picture of you and Mesa. I was so excited to see it. I kept telling people, "That's my coach!"

  1. I've had Graston done before. I bruised really badly (you can see pictures on my blog), but I wasn't convinced it helped. He did it on my IT bands, but I wasn't having problems with them.

    You're going to love your dSLR. We have a Nikon too. ๐Ÿ™‚ You're so lucky to have people to run with. And I still can't believe how fast you've gotten so quickly.

  2. Hey Coach Nichole. I ran a quick 3 miles last Tuesday and hardly had time to stretch afterwards. Weds I went for 5 and felt a pain where my butt cheek and hamstring meet. The next day it moved down to behind my knee. I have taken 6 days off and now it's in the side of my hip…. Any ideas what this is and if I can try running this week??? Thanks!

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