27 Hour Diary

Just because this sums up the current state of our life:

Friday December 30th

I am off on Fridays, hence no mention of Bethel here.

8am: Furnace repair guy arrives at house. This was part of our inspection contingency, so needed to be done by January. Just in time! 🙂

10:00: Fireplace repair guy. Also part of the inspection. Turns out the repair guy is Bosco’s dad. He remembered me from the race. Yay small towns!

11:30: invoices scanned in and emailed to our realtor to pass along to the buyers. Quick change to go out for a run! My plan has 8 miles on it, and I’d really like to get as many – if not all of those! – in.

11:40: In my running clothes and out the door! Whew. I realize I have exactly 65 minutes before we are supposed to meet with the builders at the new house. Awesome. I can totally get my 8 miles in! I call Nate during the run to let him know that I’ll just meet him at the new house (and hitch a ride back after the meeting).

12:45: Meeting at the new house! Nathan works a 1/2 day on Friday, so zips over right after work to meet me to discuss things with the builders.

I’m sure the builders and cabinet maker appreciated watching me run on in to the meeting.
And… cabinets are here!

2:15: Back at home. We haven’t even started to pack for the weekend at my parent’s farm, so we are running around the house throwing things in bags.

3:15: Packed up. I still need to run to Target to pick up the picture for Grandma Ann’s Christmas gift and also buy a frame. Somehow the stay at Children’s put me a little behind in the gift giving/wrapping department. We had decided that it would be best to have Nathan start running down Hwy. 19 when I started off to Target. That way he could get in a little bit of a run.

I tell you, if we didn’t prioritize getting a workout in, it would be SO easy to skip it!

4:00: Target run done, pick up the girls at school.

4:15: Pick up Nate on the side of the highway. For some reason, this seems very humorous to me…. maybe because of the craziness of the day so far.

5:15: Oh, no! We realized on the trip down that we forgot to bring frozen breast milk. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up for the weekend… hmm…

During the trip Nathan and I review preliminary change order #s from the builders. We look through all of our texts/emails/etc to make sure all of the credits and additions are on the change order financial tracking sheet they sent. Wow – if we weren’t detail oriented people, we would have missed over $4,000 in credits. Yikes!

7:00: We arrive in Marshall and meet everyone at Bingo. It’s one of those things that we do most Friday evenings that we visit. I actually enjoy it – lots of laughs and time to have a leisurely conversation. Ahhh, it felt good to sit and not feel rushed…

Hanging out with Grandma Colleen

8:00: Nate goes out to visit the car and comes back in. He asks: “What’s the grossest thing Mesa could have done in the car?”. I reply: “Hmmm… poop?”

“She had diarrhea in the front seat and peed in the back seat. The car really smells. Luckily she peed in the base of Anna’s car seat (which is a solid bowl-shape base that conveniently holds dog urine) and diarrhea is relatively easy to clean off of leather seats.”


… fast forward to the morning (after 2 nightly feedings for Anna. Man, I am excited for her to sleep through the night!)…

9:00am: Ask training partners to bump our run back in the morning so I can accompany Nathan to the vet appointment. Head to the vet as Mesa has left bloody diarrhea all over my parents garage floor. I was scared that Mesa might be on her way out of her family (she is over 11 years old, after all)…

10:00: Luckily it was just GI distress. After a bite to her ear last week she was reacting to the stress of coming down off of a bunch of those meds, plus the stress of our house…

11:00: Put Mesa in her kennel at great grandma’s house. Immediately start out on our 10 mile run with Leighton, Bart, and Nate. Uff! Leighton comments that our life is a little crazy. Nate replies that this doesn’t seem all that out-of-the norm, sadly.

There you have it. A 27 hour snapshot of our lives at the moment. I am so glad I have a plan and am prioritizing my workouts! It’s one of the few things grounding me these days!

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