Another track workout…

And another workout where I got to the track, and couldn’t quite remember what the workout was.

I thought the book said, 4x [200 with 200 jog, 200 with 400 jog, 800 with 400 jog]. Goal times, written on my hand because I know I have a hard time remembering these times are (after the one mixup I had a week or so ago, I learned!): 200 – 38, 800 – 2:36.

Nate was doing these with me. First 200: 39. Second 200: 39. Nate keeps going for another 20-30 meters. Why’d you stop?, he asks. Because we’re supposed to do [workout above], I answer. He explains that that doesn’t make sense. It was 4x[200 with 200 jog, 400 with 400 jog, 800 with 400 jog] — it’s a simple ladder. I’m not convinced… but I decide to error on the side of more than less and do his workout. I’m so sure I’m right, and he’s so sure he’s right that we bet 5 minutes of massage on it.

I struggled to hit my goal time, especially the 800s.

Here were my set times:
Set 1: 39, 39 (200), 2:38
Set 2: 37, 1:17, 2:39
Set 3: 38, 1:18, 2:39
Set 4: :39, 1:19, 2:40

So the 800s were on average about 3 seconds slow.

When we got home, I checked my plan: HA! I was RIGHT!!! We were supposed to do 200s, not 400s!! Was that the reason I struggled more with this workout? I don’t really think so — I think it’s more that my speed and VO2 max aren’t where they should be. But for now, I’ll blame it on Nate making the workout too long. 🙂

I’m going to enjoy my back massage tonight!!! 🙂

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