I survived!

Wow, what an epic workout.  Craig really pulled me though, without him it would have been ugly (impossible, even?  Look at the workout… I told Nate afterwards that I thought Jerry must have been on crack when writing this).  SOOO thankful for the help! 🙂

2 mile WU
8 at MP
1 at Tempo
4 at MP
1 at Tempo
2 at MP
2 CD
=20 total

It was a little ugly time-wise (running on tired legs, who would have thought that 100+ mile weeks would do that to you), but I don’t even care… I DID IT.  The tempo miles were both in around 5:50-5:55, and MP varied between 6:07-6:20 (most closer to 6:20s than 6:07s, unfortunately), with a few ugly miles as well.

I almost left out the last MP segment until Craig suggested trying just a mile of it – which then turned into doing the entire 2 mile segment :).  That particular MP segment slipped to 6:30 pace… which is nowhere in the ballpark of where I want to be, but at that point I was running on completely drained legs & couldn’t do anything about it.  It was all about effort at that point, so 6:30s is what it was!

Stomach still a little upset from it, but wow, what a great feeling to have survived the last two weeks (103 last week, and the rolling 7 day mileage ending today crept up to 105).  I have never been able to handle volume like this, especially with the intensity and hard workouts like we’ve put into the last week!!!


(We’re leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, very excited to hike and run in National Parks for the next 7 days!)

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