Math Equation

Tropical Storm Bopha (flooding and 20+ mph winds through Sunday evening) + just starting on antibiotics to kick this sinus infection (now over a week since I got sick – thank you 3 year old niece) + SUPER busy/stressful week at work = CIM???

Another side effect to trying to draw out a taper — your
body knows you tapered a month ago & were going to race THEN.  It’s confused by trying to taper and race again.  It
now has gone into a mode where it gains a few pounds (I’ve tried not to! Believe me!),
loses some muscle mass, etc (also because I haven’t been running high
mileage in quite some time now).  The weight observation is curious. 
It’s like my body knew it was racing NYC and naturally got down to my lowest
racing weight ever (granted, just by .2 pounds, and not quite at my
original “race weight goal” but still! I was so proud!).  Now
that that’s over with, I’m not running as much, it goes into its natural
cycle of gaining a few pounds to get back to my training weight.

Jim Patterson talks to me all the time about the natural rhythm of things, natural ups and downs, encouraging me to observe them and listen to them.  It’s been interesting to observe those natural cycles within my own body.  I know, I know – doing this whole two taper thing is NOT observing the natural rhythm of things, so not the best for me, but hey, I had to at least give this a try (I also had Jim’s blessing on the racing decision, so even he made an exception to his rule, in case you were wondering).

It’s been harder than typical for me to stay positive, especially since I’ve been so sick lately & haven’t hit my workouts, but I know it’s important to think ALL THINGS POSITIVE, so will be trying my absolute hardest to do this.  Starting now :).

I am strong.
I am fit.
It’s only Tuesday, race is Sunday.  Plenty of time for the cold to clear up.

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  1. Got a cure for your future sickness problems: become a teacher. My immune system is in pure beast mode! Little kids carry every germ known to human kind!

    Good luck in the race. I think you might be surprised with how well you do. I think the whole NYC situation has created a different and powerful kind of motivation!

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