Personal Bests

It’s been a while, eh? 🙂

Brief recap:
GAC Alumni 5k: 17:27.22, a 9 second lifetime PR.  Missed the stadium record by 9 seconds.  Bummer.

New Prague 1/2 marathon: 1:19.53.  Done as a marathon pace workout (goal was 1:20-1:21).  Happened to be a 2+ minute lifetime PR as well (only because my previous PR was from the last half of the Trials marathon. :))

New Prague was done at the end of a 103 mile week.  Things have ramped up significantly since the GAC 5k 🙂

GAC 5k recap:

Brooke, a fellow GAC alum, graciously was a “rabbit” for this race.  Her task was to take us (Linda, a junior U of MN Morris runner looking to get a better NCAA qualifying time) through the mile in 5:35.  She did SO well — we came through in EXACTLY in 5:35.  I’ve never been led before, and it was wonderful just to tuck behind.  
She stepped to the outside after the mile, and Linda and I were off.  We worked very well together.  When I felt the pace slipping, I took the lead.
We worked off of each other until the last lap, when Linda passed me & I tried to counter — and my legs came completely undone.  I wasn’t even that tired, lungs-wise, but my legs just stopped working.  I finished in 17:27, while she was able to kick it in to a 17:20 (2 secs from the stadium record).  Ug, where is that track speed when I need it?!?

So – Linda now has the meet record (I previously held it), and I didn’t set the stadium record.  Bummer.  But, I’m very happy with the race — a 9 second PR!  Yipee!!!

Although the time is slower than I was hoping, I am really happy to have focused on the shorter distances this early spring.  I needed it (rewind back to my first 200m workout, where the 200s I did were practically at marathon pace — I had NO ability to change pace at all!).  It also reminded me that I’m not a talented 5k runner :).

New Prague 1/2 marathon:
I try to line up these long Daniels-prescribed 13 mile MP workouts with a race just to help me through them.    New Prague is perfectly timed – 5 weeks before Grandma’s.

Goal was to try to “feel” marathon pace for this “workout”.  It’s a challenging course, no doubt – completely rolling hills.

Early on, I hit 6:05s and felt that this was my natural rhythm.  Despite the fact that this was a 103 mile week, my legs have felt really good (massage helping, perhaps?) and today 6:05s felt surprisingly effortless.  My lungs also felt huge, which is also surprising since I’ve been fighting a good cold (think green stuff since Monday night) for most of the week.

I was super excited to come through in 1:19:53.  That’s a lifetime PR for me (I haven’t raced many outright 1/2 marathons… and when I have, it hasn’t been pretty), and an awesome MP effort.  Makes me think that sub 2:40 is within my reach!!  And as Jerry reminded me, perhaps something close to 6:00/mile might be do-able (yikes…).  I looked that up and that would be a 2:37 low… sometimes his optimism impresses me.

Edit: As Steve pointed out, I should mention that I took home the win by over 7 minutes :).  I also, surprisingly, set a new lifetime PR in the 10 mile (what?? I wasn’t even racing all-out!) at 1:01:10.  I didn’t know that until Nate pointed it out.  That’s sort of crazy, when you think about it… guess that means I need to work on my shorter distance PRs :).  Or that I’ve just improved a lot in the past two years (which is also very much the case).

So… now on to continued mileage.  Yikes.  This week is 103, next close to 90 (due to a day off).  The next week we’ll be on vacation, and Jerry’s plan calls for anything between 80-100 (our vacations are basically run/hike as much as possible, see as much of national parks as possible, etc :).  That’s the most I’ve ever done in a 3 week period.  Just need to keep myself healthy, happy, and feeling great!!!

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  1. I'd heard you won the 1/2-marathon, but your race report doesn't mention it, so I'll have to look it up to be sure! Congrats on the PR.

  2. You did that great half marathon at the end of a ONE HUNDRED AND THREE MILE WEEK?!?! That's NUTS! I'm happy when I hit 100 miles for the month!! 🙂 Anyway, nice briefly meeting you out there.

    Steve S (the guy trying to chase you down)

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