Two miles hard: 6:45 and 6:08

My first “hard” day back. I didn’t have much time to run on Saturday, so decided to make the most out of the time I had.

I tried to put in a 2 mile all-out effort. It started out slower & gradually picked it up — first mile was 6:45 (I think I started out the first 1/4 or so at 7:30ish pace). Continuing on the 2nd mile, 6:08. WOW. My lungs, although strong, couldn’t take in enough air. My body acted like it had no idea what I was trying to make it do. I wasn’t completely worn out, but you have this weird “every little muscle is tired” sort of feeling afterwards. Ahh, the joys of getting back in shape.

So I know this is pathetic, but my first hard 2 mile effort was done in 12:53. I couldn’t have gone any faster. I think that’s the slowest 2 mile I’ve done in the last 5, maybe even 10, years. WOW, lots of work to do! At least I’m to the point where I can do a little hard work (and I’m up to 4.5-5 miles on a long day!!!!), so hopefully the fitness comes back quick!!!!

Want to take a gamble at what sort of 5K time I can run on the 27th this month? Less than 2 weeks to go…

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  1. I think you will run a 20:09 for the 5K on the 27th! That's just my guess based on where you were with this 2 miler & the workouts you've done so far….GOOD LUCK! Doing great, Nichole, keep it up!

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