Wow, what a workout!

Today was my last “hard” workout (and not even that hard, or long! Eek!):
4x1000m at tempo pace

Before Grandma’s I did this exact same workout in 6:07 pace (not sure what happened with that one), then 5:58-5:59 pace.

Today I was significantly faster. 5:45-7 into the wind, 5:32-5:37 with the wind. Yikes! Best part? They felt great! My legs aren’t 100% springy, but I can tell they’re stronger than they’ve been before and turn over really efficiently. What a fun feeling!! And if that “spring” can come just in time for Saturday’s race… that could make for a very fun day 🙂

I had wonderful company for the workout portion of the run, which made it so much more enjoyable and made the time go by a lot faster. I love that I have people willing to accompany me (thanks a ton, Tom!), and know that it has made me a faster runner this cycle :). Plus, I got to do the reps in the sunshine (and was down to a short sleeve shirt the last repeat because I was so warm!!). Who could ask for anything better?

Weather looks ideal in Houston. Overnight low of 40, high of 60ish. My guess is that I’ll be racing in 45-55 degree weather. Hopefully the cold front they’re predicting comes through!! Ironic part is that those temps aren’t too different from temps here in MN (who would have THOUGHT??? Esp. after last winter!). I don’t want to count on anything yet… but it’s looking really promising!

So, now just need to nail down my pacing plan, work on my mental game a little bit more, and rest up and hydrate for Saturday! Crazy how fast this has come up.

Steve — I have to ask again for a time prediction, if you’re willing. Last time you were within 20 seconds :).

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  1. Ummmm, I'll have to think about a prediction. Back when you were hurting, I was thinking only 2:41 (which would technically make you faster than I ever was), but these last workouts are fantastic and have me trying to gauge how far under 6 minute pace you can go.

  2. There's too many variables for a prediction: you're traveling, there's pressure to perform, new training schedule, changes in coaching. A pure guess is 2:39:53. You might be way under that (best of luck!)

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