It’s race time!

Wow, this week has flown by!

Thankfully I am on the carbo-loading portion of my pre-race diet (diet consists of 3 days of eating no carbs at all, followed by 3 days of eating almost nothing but carbs). The theory is that your body over compensates and stores even more carbs than carb loading alone. This is the third marathon that I have done this for, and the no-carb portion has been easier each time. I remember the first cycle feeling awful: For Grandma’s cycle, I only noticed I was working harder on the 3rd day (easy 6 mile run with striders) and only the last mile and a half. I could just tell I didn’t have a lot of energy available — but it was very slight. Wonder why? Anyway, I do think going without any carbs does keep me from peaking too early – your legs just dont feel snappy without carbs, even though my milage has been cut way back. Once I add back carbs, I usually feel the energy building in them & that light, snappy, fast feeling come on just at the right time. So I know the verdict is out on which way to carbo-load, but this method is tried and true for me.

I am flying out tomorrow morning. One of the coolest things about working for Red Wing Shoe has been how suopportive they have been of my training for the trials. Most amazing thing yet: they are flying me, my coach Jerry, and some of my other family members down to Houston on the company’s corporate jet! They have been really supportive of this journey (many longer lunch-hour workouts — don’t know how else I’d be able to double or run as many miles/week as I do without that flexibility!); I’m blessed to work for them. I’m also blessed that they understand running and marathoning. If I would have qualified while working at LM, no one would have even known what I was talking about. No lie.

Anyway, I’m done packing – Nate took a beautiful picture. I’m pretty exhausted. I have had the HARDEST time falling asleep this last week. I know it’s because I cram too much into a day, so I’m literally working until the minute that I hop into bed, but there have been multiple nights that I’ve laid awake, mind reeling, for 1+ (last night TWO) hours. Wish I could just learn to shut off my brain.

Anyway, I’m rambling when I should be getting ready for bed :). I will try to update this as often as I can while I’m down there (but make no promises!). I will see how many pictures of fast runners I can post. 😉

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me on this journey, I wouldn’t be here without all of you!! Special shout-out to Marice and John who sent me the nicest note in the mail today wishing me luck. I love mail 🙂

(No seriously, getting the mail is the highlight of my day!)

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  1. Good luck Nichole! Looks like you are in awesome shape and will rock the marathon! Not sure if you remember me, but I ran many miles with you during your first marathon back in '05. We happened to be next to each other during the race and must have chatted for at least 10 miles. I stumbled across your blog and wow, I am so impressed! Hope you run the race of your dreams!
    Kari Thompson Stoick

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