Time Trial w/ Vakava

Tonight the Sisu program lined up a timed 10K skate time trial. How’d it go for me? Lets just say that I’m super frustrated and discouraged right now. ARRRGGGGHHHHH is a good way to express how I feel.

I have no idea how fast I went, or even what the results are… but I know it won’t be pretty. I just have NO idea how to go fast on skis! It’s not remotely fun for me… to be passed by people who are booking it, breathing super hard, obviously pushing themselves because it’s a time trial. Then there’s me, and I’m trying to tell myself to “Go!! C’mon!!” but I just CAN’T. I’m not even out of breath — only at the top of the one uphill, and that’s not even that out of breath. It felt like a slightly up-tempo (7:30 pace?) run. Not remotely like a VO2 max time trial workout. I know I’m doing a lot of things wrong (I can’t feel my abs crunching or my arms working… and I don’t know a lot, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to feel something here). I tried to do things right, but nothing seemed to change.

So, again, ARGHHH!! I really wish I was good at skiing. I think it’d be fun. I’m trying to be patient, I really am… but it’s really hard for me, being the competitor I am (and with a husband who is very fast and is super excited about skiing and going fast on skis) to sit behind and watch everyone pass by when you can’t do anything about it. And I know I really don’t have the “right” to be that good at skiing considering how little I focus on it… (can you see my mind reeling, going from hating myself, to telling myself that I need to get out there more often, to wanting to set down the rollerskis for good?)

Well, blog readers, thanks for letting me rant. I really apologize for the negativity, I’m usually not this bad. I promise, I’ll make the next post more positive (even if that means I just talk about flowers or cute puppies:) ).

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