Sometimes I wonder…

… if I really want to chase after a fast marathon goal 🙁

Today’s run was really, really difficult for me. I’ve been running with my cousin this week who is vacationing close to where I work. It’s wonderful! Today I had 13 miles on my training plan, so we decided to do the first 3 together, he’d wait for me while I did another 3 warm up and the start of the marathon pace running.

I thought my legs felt OK until the marathon pace running. UGGG. I felt awful, and I was mentally SOO weak. I don’t have these days very often, but when I do — they really make me question why I do what I do. I took the 6 miles at marathon pace in 2 mile increments. It was all I could mentally take. I met my cousin at the 4 mile mark (now at 10 total) and then struggled through the last two, following him. I was SO glad to have someone there pushing me. I honestly think I would have stopped at 3 or 4 miles of MP without him there. It still wasn’t a good workout by any means, but I finished it, which is an accomplishment in itself.

I think part of today’s struggle was the fact that I haven’t been sleeping enough or well. I also need to drink more water — I know I’m dehydrated, since the last two runs I’ve gotten the chills afterwards. If I’m going to chase after a fast TCM time, I need to do all the little things right as well :(.

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