Running isn’t an option yet. Bummer. I was PRAYING that today would go better. But, alas, I can’t even run a minute. I limp pretty badly & am not doing myself any favors by trying to run.

So… gee… what should I do? I actually think the hip/spine are in place now. Small success today: I could stand on my injured side to take off my sock without pain. Before that was painful and my balance muscles weren’t working properly. Steps in the right direction, I guess.

I took the time to stretch every which way to try to reach the sore area, and think I found a good one. I also read online that it helps some people to roll the tender area with a tennis ball. Helps break up the tightness. Add that to ibuprofen, and hope that leads to a speedy recovery.

Tonight I’m going to try the bike and see if that movement aggrevates the glute area that’s tender.

Gosh… I’d hate to think that this would keep me from Fargo? But at this rate, I’m likely to miss more than a couple of weeks of training/long runs…

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