Stupid Hip!

I tried to run today. I ran 1.5 miles in pain, hoping the pain would subside with a warm up. Both doctors I have seen just think it’s an alignment issue & that I won’t do damage by running through the pain.

But at 1.5 I turned a corner and literally had to hobble to turn. The pain is really sharp. I stop. I’m with the GAC assistant coach, so I’m embarrassed to have to turn it in. I’ve been looking forward to doing a hard workout with SOMEONE so much! Plus, its embarrassing because it’s my first/only workout with him. But I honestly can’t run. We tried to pick it up, for about 250 feet, but I stopped & had to turn around to run back to campus. The 1.5 miles home was excruciating. Pain every step. I’m limping. Not good at all.

Walking to the car after the run I felt nauseous from the pain. Seriously.

It’s gotten worse throughout the day. It’s such a sharp and stabbing pain! I limp pretty badly & can’t really put weight on the leg. I cringe when I have to think about walking.

I feel like my hip or leg bones are pinching or hitting on a muscle or nerve they’re not supposed to. At least I hope– if I can get myself back in place, hopefully all this pain will go away?

My gosh, PLEASE don’t let it be something serious. How does something like this come up so quickly? Honestly, the beginning of this week my hip was just tight & felt out of place… and now, not able to put any weight on it? And how sad that it hits me & takes me completely out so quickly?????????

Unbelievable — just have to hope that there’s a reason for everything…

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