TNC Training Camp

The 1st annual TNC training camp was held this weekend at my in-laws’ cabin this weekend.

This was such a memorable weekend. I can’t even begin to recap it πŸ™‚

We had individuals from age 19-49 at the camp, at varying speeds and goals. Some are hoping for a 2:40 full marathon, some hoping for sub-4, and some hoping to jump-start their summer running and fitness journey.

The view – who couldn’t love a weekend up at the lake?

The cabin = girls’ retreat
The “garbin” = garage/cabin = the men’s retreat

As I preach as a coach, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. It just matters that you believe in yourself and are willing to work from there. Every individual embodied that belief this weekend, which truly makes me smile from the inside out.

The weekend started out with a Friday group run. For some, it was their second workout of the day. We ran some beautiful gravel roads in WI and got to know each other in the evening.

How? *The Hat Game*

Those that attended will know what that means… and how to prepare for next year πŸ™‚

Food was SUCH a highlight of the weekend. Rael of The Planted Plate provided recipes for all meals. Rael was also the “Kitchen Master” of the weekend. We ran well, we ate well. What more can you ask?


Saturday morning everyone had different schedules and different paces, but we were able to find routes to accommodate and have people working off of one another. Some did 20 miles w/ 50 minutes of tempo work interspersed, some had 17 with 30 minutes of T, some had 20 miles+ easy, some did a HR test, and others had 5-6 miles easy.

That’s a lot to coordinate! It was fun to see everyone work together.

Mary Margaret and Jimmy, you know that means KUDOS for the effort to get a bike ready to pace the long marathon crew, even biking through the mud :). No one else will ever know the effort involved…

Matt and Jimmy’s smoothie bar post hard workout = AMAZING. 
Especially the smile with which it was served πŸ™‚

Mid-afternoon we had a strength competition: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, 50m sprint, and a WALL SIT.

Strength competition. Slaine vs. Craig. They lasted 15 minutes, after which I called it a tie since they were both too proud to give in :). Rematch next year!!!!

They were both just SO excited to win NUTRILITE VITAMINS that they wouldn’t give up!!! πŸ™‚

Then some of us went out for a 2nd workout or bike. We saw a couple of BEARS from afar, which made Sharon’s trip to Wisconsin complete!! Although, some argued she also needed to drink a lot of bad beer, eat cheese curds, and either fire a gun or operate a chain saw. Ha.

Putting the boys to work putting in the dock. Minus Craig, who had to listen to some awful world records in the cabin while helping prep the evening meal.

MORE food!

Bonfire Saturday night. Craig, let’s jump over it, okay? Yeah, okay.

A lot of time spent here smiling and laughing πŸ™‚

Ohhh.. Jeff πŸ™‚

The group even wore out Mesa. No small feat.
Workouts varied again from an 8 mile moderate progression run, 3-6 easy, a VO2 max workout, and a half marathon pace workout.

Jimmy and me. Both students under Jerry S. πŸ™‚ This guy has some serious wheels!

Tina and I discussing things. Fun that you can definitely see a bump on me πŸ™‚
Me + a high school athlete re-united after 5+ years! Her push-up ability hasn’t changed since. I burst into laughter when I saw.

Breakfast on Sunday: pear stuffed French Toast w/ real maple syrup and vegan/broccoli egg bake. AKA amazing.
I could not have asked for a better group for the weekend. Can’t wait to do it again! 

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  1. Except maybe answering questions about streaking πŸ˜‰
    I met my match on the wall sit for sure. Maybe next year someone will show up that can actually give you some competition in the pull up contest Nate.

    Thanks Nichole and Rael for all the organization, planning, and recruiting of a really fun group of runners!

  2. I knew I shouldn't have read this post. Now I am even more jealous, and I didn't think I could be any more jealous! Glad you all had fun. Hope I can make it next time! -Amy

    1. We have you covered :). [Craig = I have just volunteered you to procure all said things for Ms. Snyder for next year's camp. Hope you don't mind.]

  3. I agree with Amy; I shouldn't have read this either because this makes me very jealous I wasn't able to go. I am so impressed with how you've developed your coaching team in such a short period of time!

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