Pregnancy Weeks 11-12

The great:

My blog WON the 2014 Best Women’s Running Blog competition!! Thank you to EVERYONE who voted! It’s a huge honor (and a huge surprise!)!

I went in for a massage with Lynn at Massage Geek this week. It was painful, but amazing. I’m trying to get at that pesky hip/hamstring issue so that it’s more healed by the time I can start training hard again. If you’ve been looking for a deep tissue massage therapist, check her out. Don’t check her out if you’re looking for a foo-foo feels-great massage 🙂

It was a busy coaching week, as I was able to meet up with one of my athletes at a coffee shop early in the week, run with another on Thursday in Northfield, and coach yet another on the track on Friday! I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Craig, Jeff, and Nate last week (no more snow this week!). All three of these guys are getting ready for Grandma’s marathon, so I play the role of coach/cheerleader during their track sessions while I’m running around the outside lanes putting in easy mileage. It at least makes me *feel* like I’m part of the track-work bandwagon! 🙂

The bad:

Week 11 of pregnancy started out with me throwing up at least once daily. So much for my post from week 10 that said I was feeling great, eh?
Nate made sure I was trying to get some sort of food down. “Yes, I know you don’t feel well. But you HAVE to at least eat a couple of crackers each hour,” he’d insist. It was tough to know what to do: if I got too hungry, I’d feel nauseated and dry heave. If I ate before I became hungry, I felt like puking (or did puke). Catch 22. Suck.
He kept the house stocked with ginger ale and came home from the grocery store one evening with a couple of bags of foods he thought I might like/be able to keep down. So nice to feel taken care of!!
Luckily, though, it lasted just 5-6 days, and now I’m back to it and feeling a ton better!
The other “not so hot” things these last two weeks:
7th grade acne. Seriously?!? Please leave…
The heat also affects me a lot more when working out. Nothing really “bad”; it’s just something I need to be mindful of when running now, especially as Spring and Summer approach.
Again, not really “bad”, but I’ve noticed my easy pace has now dropped to 8:50s. That’s just interesting… why is that? It’s not like I’m bigger or heavier yet…

The good:

Again, feeling good again! Running has felt better again as well (minus a couple of runs in the heat), YEAH! This week I’ll hit ~42 miles with one day off. 
My stomach looks just a little pudgy. At first, I hated that (and wore my bigger training shirts)… but now I’ve embraced it and don’t care. It’ll likely just be a cute little “bump” (not really a bump yet… I just look like I ate a lot) for a little while, so I’ll take advantage of it while it’s still somewhat cute 🙂

Start of week 11

Mesa is concerned… as she should be 🙂

Start of week 12

Weight: 118.4
down 4 pounds from week 10 (hmm..)
up 5.4 pounds from training weight
up 10 pounds from racing weight
Easy run pace: ~8:50
Mileage: at a comfortable 40-50 miles/week for now!

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  1. Ok, this has nothing to do with running, training or racing.
    You could be the most adorable pregnant woman ever. 🙂


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