Let the mileage begin!

Ahhh, isn’t he cute?? As promised, this blog will be much happier and positive than the last 🙂

I’m starting to ramp up my mileage now. So far, so good. My mileage weeks have stepped up a little quickly:
Week 1: 48 (with a few hours of skiing)
Week 2: 65
Week 3 (this week): 80

I’m just starting to feel “strong” from the mileage, which is a fun feeling. Today’s workout was 11 miles with 5 at 6:27 pace. It went well — although I did have one weak moment where I let myself stop (WHY do I do that?!?). The rest of the week is pretty mileage-loaded:
Wednesday: 15
Thursday: 4 w/ Vakava skiing
Friday: 13
Saturday: 6 easy, recovery
Sunday: 20 w/ 9 at Marathon Pace (ouch…)

Uff-da! But, I have a good feeling about this week. I think the only challenge will be finding the time to do all of this on top of work, commute, keeping up the house for showings, etc., etc. 🙂

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