Short days :(

Trying to fit in these miles into an already hectic schedule is difficult. Take yesterday, for example:

6:45 Leave for work.
7:45 Get to work.
5:00 Leave work (should have really stayed late, because I’m behind, but I know I have a long run to get in…)
6:20 Get home (after a tire fill because the flat they repaired a few weeks ago is still leaking. Ug!) Eat a little (I ate a big lunch because I knew I wouldn’t want to eat and then immediately run), then get dressed/ready for run.
6:45 Leave on run with Nathan. 15 mile medium long run on the schedule for today. It’s actually a cool route up to 494, across the river alongside 494, then in the trails starting at American Blvd back to 77.
8:50ish Done with run! Turn on sprinkler because lawn isn’t looking great. Wash clothes, otherwise I won’t have any clean running shorts for tomorrow. Run dishwasher. Make lunches for tomorrow. Log on to computer, answer a few emails.
11:00 Get ready for bed :(. Late night!!
12:15 Get up and jot some things down on my “list”. My mind is reeling and I can’t sleep!!! ARGH! This is exactly what I DON’T need to happen!!

So, fun day! Trying to get mileage in during the weekday is hard, but I keep reminding myself that it’s do-able. I just won’t have any extra time in the day :).

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