Totally exhausted!

What a week.

I began the week by flying out to Salt Lake City, UT for work. It was actually a lot of fun — I got to see a lot of endurance trail runners, preview fun new camping, running, and outdoor gear, and also got to run in the foothills of UT in the mornings before the show began.

I followed my original training plan while out in UT. I don’t know if that was smart or not. Should you alter your plan when running at altitude? The first run I did was on Tuesday morning, a recovery 9 mile run. I decided to add a few strides because I was going to race on Saturday and wanted to do some fast stuff before the race. The first 4 miles of that run I felt pretty sick. That went away, but it still wasn’t a great run. Was it because of the altitude?

Wednesday I woke up very early for a 15 mile run. How gorgeous (except for the really early wake up call :)!! The route I followed climbs significantly, from the heart of Salt Lake up to the foothills, following a stream that ran between two mountain peaks/ranges. I’m not sure, but I think I climbed from about 4200 ft. to about 6000 ft. Running back the last 7.5 miles was fun. Yeah running downhill! My legs were pretty tired, but I wanted to run through that this week.

I flew back late Wednesday night. I was excited to be back — just to do laundry, get errands done, answer mail, etc. Thursday was as usual, work, run during lunch, then Vakava practice in the evening. When I got home, it was a little after 9:00. I’m absolutely exhausted at this point — but try to catch up on emails and work yet that evening. My legs are also pretty trashed from a long week and the no pole skate reps we did at ski practice tonight.

Friday came — and went — in the blink of an eye. I literally spent the entire day/evening at my computer (12 hours w/ just a few breaks). I’m trying to catch up on work (which I still am not totally…) and trying to get farther on the Finn Sisu web project…

Ahh, just another week. Sometimes (not often 🙂 I wish life was a little less crazy and there was more time to just sit and relax.

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