Too busy


I don’t know what about the last two weeks has made time FLY by…

Is it because Nate’s working now? He started as a dentist in Faribault two weeks ago. He loves it, but the commute from our house in RW is pretty long. It makes for pretty late nights if he has long cases, lots of charting to finish, continuing education courses, etc.

Is it because my work at RWSC is really crazy right now? Within the month, I’ll need to have all budgeting work finished for my two business units. Sales, margin, monthly splits, advertising budgets, discounts… you name it. Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming, and I feel like I should be working all the time.

Is it because I’m running 80+ miles a week? Take last night, for example. I came home around 6:30pm, quick ate something, and then headed out for a 5.5 mile run before coming back home to meet Nate (he didn’t want to do all of my miles for the workout). We did another 2 miles, and then started a 6×6 minute tempo workout, and then a 2 mile CD. Guess I hadn’t added that up before the run, but that’s 15.5 miles. On top of a 10.5 hour work day.

Or maybe it’s the fact that Finn Sisu is starting to ramp up, with the grand opening this weekend. I’m wrapping up with the trail team coaching and trying to manage the re-creation the website as well. Not to mention the fact that Nate and I are still deciding where we’d like to move to (somewhere in between Red Wing and Faribault)…

Too much 🙁

But, too busy to think about it… take it one day at a time. Another long day at work today, followed by an easier run (just 10 miles!) and a strength session. Uf.

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