Another workout that looked impossible…

And it went GREAT!

Like, seriously great. 🙂

I decided to do these on a treadmill becuase it was pouring out all evening. Nate snuck a picture, I’ll post it later today. 🙂

Workout: 20 min warm up, 20 minute tempo, 20 minutes easy, 20 minutes tempo, 20 min CD

I thought to myself, there’s no way… last week I couldn’t make it through the 4×10 minutes of tempo! And prior to that, all of my tempo workouts were less than 6 minutes in length. 20 minutes tonight?!? And two of them?

But my legs felt GREAT, and my lungs weren’t really working!! The first repeat finished, and I went 3.24 miles. That’s 6:10 pace. The next I went to 6:06 pace, covering 3.28 miles (if it was just a 5k that would have been a 18:55). Again, I just felt strong. What a great feeling!!!

The last two workouts have been such confidence boosters for me — keep ’em coming!

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