Pregnancy – Week 10

This week: a temporary no-running order (although feeling great!), buying new running bras, and some general life updates!
Week 10 started off great. I ran 7 miles Monday, easy, and 11 miles Tuesday with Rael and Craig (workout was to do some rolling hills, and luckily, Craig and Rael proposed running the roads around St. Olaf!). 
The only problem was that I had started spotting Sunday. I called Tuesday and they brought me in immediately for an ultrasound. Luckily, Nate was able to re-arrange his schedule to be there, as we were a little surprised at what we found :). 
Along with finding out I was 10 weeks along, we also found out that there was a sub-chorionic hemorrhage. Basically, it’s a blood clot or pool of blood that has developed and causes baby to separate from the uterus (not a good thing).

So… that meant a doctor’s orders of NO RUNNING. Wait, just not “no running”, but no exercise.

I was bummed for a brief second, but then accepted the order completely. Heck, if I need to sit on my bum for the remainder of these 7 months to make sure this little person is healthy, develops well, etc, then that is what I’ll do! I could busy myself with other things, right? (I cringe thinking of trying to fill 7 months of things other than training/running/being active…)

… coaching, gardening, quilting, finishing the Xmas stocking below… I’m sure there are other fun projects, right?!?

I went back for a second ultrasound that Friday to find that the hemorrhage was much smaller. So, if symptoms stopped for a couple of days, I was okay to start running again. YAAAHHH!!!!!!

I immediately emailed Chris, my coach 🙂

I noticed for the first time on my run yesterday that my stomach just looked a little “pudgy”. No bump yet, I just look a little chubby 🙂

Beginning of week 10. Just looks like I ate a big evening meal 🙂
Oh, and I’ve had to buy new running bras. Sigh. PLEASE, someone tell me this is temporary and that I’ll be able to use my collection of XS running bras again… Or is this a permanent thing???

Mediums now… sigh…
122 this morning (end of week 10). I’m up 2 pounds over “getting pregnant weight”, up 10 pounds over training weight, and up 15 pounds over racing weight.

Beginning of week 10

General Life Updates:
Stocking: I was able to make great progress on baby’s Xmas stocking during our road trip to Indiana. This might actually be done by baby’s first Christmas!

About 1/3 complete! The name will have to wait 🙂

Yes, this makes me a nerd… I’ve made counted cross-stitch stockings for both Nate and I.

Baby’s room: We listed our office set on Craigslist, assuming it would take months to sell. It was a HUGE set. Amazingly, it sold in 3 days. So… now we have an empty room… does that mean I can start shopping for a crib/baby room furniture? I’m all for buying used, so have a CL search up.

The grocery game: Now I’ve moved on to our freezer, trying to use up the things we’ve had in there for the better part of a year. This week I tackled:

A chicken!!

photo credit: Because, obviously, mine did not look this pretty :). But, it turned out moist and flavorful, which is a huge win!

Yep, that’s right 🙂 It’s actually not as hard as it seems.

Plus, it made for a great chicken noodle soup the next day. We were also able to make a LOT of chicken stock to freeze.

On the subject of food: Food has just not tasted the same this last month. It’s not like I have food aversions, but things just don’t look or sound as good as they used to. I’m hoping that changes…

2014 Best Women’s Running Blog: You’ve probably seen this on FB already, but in case you haven’t, I’ve been nominated to compete for the title of 2014 Best Women’s Blog. So far, with the help of YOU, I’ve made it into the ELITE 8!! Holy cow!!

There may be many more solicitations for votes in the near future, and I assure you, I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE! This is a dream come true to be one of the top 8 running blogs in the country. I can only hope we can make it further!!!

If you’re reading and haven’t voted, PLEASE consider voting. It just takes a second!!!

Let’s make it to the Final Four!!! 🙂

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  1. Not just the Elite 8, lady, you're in the FINAL FOUR now! Congrats!

    Sorry to hear you're benched, but think of all the rad cross-stitching you'll get to do!

    1. Final Four!!!! Wow!

      Hopefully this passes soon… as much fun as other projects might be… nothing beats enjoying the Spring sunshine out on a run!

  2. So I had a subchrionic hemorrhage with Landon as well. It went away and everything was fine after that (although I never spotted, they just found it on an ultrasound). And the boobs – after you have the baby they will be HUGE and will stay HUGE for a while (I often wore two sports bras when I went running after the baby was born) but in my case both of my kids sucked all the fat out of me while nursing and in the end my chest ended up being smaller than it was before kids. Before kids I could never get away with wearing cheap sports bras from target – not enough support. Now I can wear those crappy cotton sports bras and more than enough support.

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