17:52 – 2nd Place

Another indoor personal best!

To be honest, I was really hoping for something in the 40s, (I think when I set out goals a few months ago, I was hoping to be around 17:45 by this point in time). But, it wasn’t a bad race by any means (very tactful, a lot of women vying for those top couple spots), and it’s a 13 second PR on the indoor track for me.

Today wasn’t one of those “amazing race” days for me, not like the 3k was last month. Those days, I have a very consistent rhythm, my lap splits are identical without trying, the race is fairly effortless until the end, and I can really put the hammer down at the end. I didn’t have any of that today.

But, still a solid showing. I can’t complain. I fought for my 2nd place finish; I covered all but one of the moves the women around me made (the one that cost me the win!). But, I still think I had a lot more left.

I just wasn’t prepared to race “all-out”. I don’t know why. I think some of my marathon training teaches me to go long (i.e. Wednesday’s workout: 30 min MP, 5 min tempo, 25 min MP, 5 min tempo, 5 min MP), and teaches you to conserve some energy for the next “interval” in your training. I need to learn how to lay it all out there for a shorter race. How do you switch gears like that? As always, a great lesson to learn now, and to practice and visualize about going forward!

I should be extatic about a large PR, but I KNOW I can do better than this. Guess that’s a good thing — it’ll fire me up for the next training run and the next race. Bring it on! 🙂

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