Crunch Time

I’m sort of in that “oh crap” mode. I have less than a month to get myself into fast 5k shape. Probably not a big deal for most, but a big deal for my surprisingly slow legs. It’s really fun to have this immediate “either do it or not” type of goal (sort of the same mentality as I had last year for my qualifying attempt!).

As such, each workout has added emphasis. Can I push harder? Can I mentally endure more? I’ve been trying to sync with people for most of my hard runs, which has been really fun and also pushes me that extra little bit. Today’s 20 miler with tempo I synced up with Craig and Brenden again, although it was a harder than typical for me, mostly because my legs were feeling the mileage of the last 2 weeks. We logged 18:06 and 18:10 for the 3 miles segments. Not great, but not bad considering how my legs felt and the fast that segment number 1 was entirely into the wind (10+mph, at least), and the second segment was very much uphill. I pictured charging through the uphills in the last 10k of Grandma’s marathon. The last 400m I pictured charging for that stadium record. It helped to have Brenden’s encouraging voice in my head – you CAN! All the way! You have this, girl!

I’ve also worked on getting to my racing weight. I know that I can’t afford to carry around any extra if I’m actually going to run a fast 5k, so it’s meant a couple of hungry nights as of late. Ug, I seriously hate getting down to racing weight (maybe if I wouldn’t allow myself to eat so much during my “off seasons” I wouldn’t have to work so hard now… ). I told Nate that I would much rather run until my legs completely come off of me, glutes, quads, and hamstrings ache, and I have blisters lining both feet than try to lose weight. I just enjoy eating too much :). Much like consistent pacing is my biggest strength, eating is probably my biggest weakness :).

I went to Just Food today to try to load up on organic and good-for-you food. We made an ice-cream pail full of Museli (surpisingly cheap if you make it yourself!) and are currently letting a loaf of rye bread rise. YUMMM, I love healthy food :).

I’ve recently discovered a “super food” for me — 3 egg whites on a whole wheat tortilla with a big handful of spinach. Simple (you don’t even need cheese!), yet SOOO good. I look forward to eating them every day :). Seriously. It’s also a great way to make sure I’m coming close to my protein needs for the day, which I’m typically terrible at doing. Try this — you’ll be hooked as well :).

I have 5 pounds to go… that’s a lot for a month, probably too much, too late, but I’ll try my hardest. Wish me luck :/.

Less than 4 weeks to go before the GAC alumni race 5k (and just TWO weeks before their first home meet, where I’ll also run a first attempt at the stadium record of 17:18). YIKES!!!!

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  1. I am the same way about food. I am injured now and much "softer" than racing weight. I know it's going to be rough when my eventual crunch time comes. Good luck! Sub 17:18 would be amazing! The app is awesome in case you are interested. I often want to curse at it, but it works 🙂

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