Great weekend!

Gotta love long weekends — especially long weekends where the weather is as nice as it was! 🙂

My goal was to do 2 workouts a day Fri, Sat, Sun, and Monday. I want to start back into the running, but also try to rollerski a little (I feel so behind!). Goal almost accomplished, and in total I logged about 6.5 hours worth of training.

Here’s a few highlights:

Saturday we went out for a long ski, my first long ski of the season. I hadn’t been on rollerskis in a while, so I felt really tippy. I hate that feeling! I did a 1.5 hour skate ski, going nice and easy, concentrating mostly on balance. Toward the end of the ski I was feeling better, but it’s still always a humbling experience :). After the ski I changed and went out for a 5 mile run. Total workout for the day was 2:20.

Monday I drove out to Afton State park to preview the Afton Trail Run course. I wasn’t prepared at all!! I’m signed up for the 25K race on July 4th — my first trail race. I looked at the time for the winning woman from last year: 8:20 mile pace. I thought that was slow, but had no idea… now I know why! Nate and I ran 10 miles of the course, and I was absolutely dead. One of the hardest runs I’ve done in a while! 🙂 I decided that I need to 1) do some leg strengthening exercises each week and 2) need to get out to Afton at least 2-3 more times before the race to run the course. I haven’t been so intimidated by an upcoming event before!!! 🙂
After the run I also did a 35 minute classic ski. Ug! I can’t stride to save my life. I am SOO worried about that first Vakava classic workout (whenever that will be)…

So, overall a great weekend. It was a great way to start back into my training again! Can’t wait to continue trying to put in a lot of hours on foot/skis this upcoming week!!

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