Came back a little too soon?

I’m exhausted! I have no reason to be — I’ve been sleeping decently (well, decent by my weekday standards, which probably aren’t that decent) and haven’t been running or skiing hard. My only guess is that I came back after the marathon too quickly.

Last Thursday I noticed that I was a little dizzy after the Vakava hill bounding workout. No big deal, I thought, I’ve never done a hill bounding workout before so it was probably just because of all the jumping/pounding. The next day was the first day of my long Memorial day weekend, where my goal was to do 2 workouts a day. That Friday I went out for a 4 mile run, which went fine, but then was pretty dizzy toward the end of a 3 mile evening run.

Saturday felt OK — I did a 1.5 hour skate ski (very easy) and then a 5 mile run. I noticed dizziness right away on the run, but it went away quickly. Sunday was the Afton trail run where we did 10 miles. It nearly killed me. My legs were really tired and my body felt awful. I honestly couldn’t have finished the full 15 mile course. After that, we went and did 35 minutes on classic skis, nice and easy.

Yesterday I tried running again, but was still dizzy. My head is just foggy and not working right either (probably sleep related). The fact that it’s been a week since I’ve felt right concerns me. Am I not eating right? I probably need to sleep more (thank goodness for the upcoming weekend) and drink more water. It may also be stress related; I recently accepted a postion at a new company, so things have been a little crazy.

I think the main cause of this is probably coming back too soon (and with too many training hours too soon). I was just so excited to be able to train a lot again! I love going out and beating my body down on long workouts. I’ve decided to take the day off from training today (no Vakava practice, I’m bummed) and probably Friday and Saturday as well. I’ll see if I feel better by Sunday. I know I need to be 100% recovered and ready to train before I come back in order to survive the training plan I have laid out for myself. I’m nervous now, though — I hate taking additional time off because you lose so much of your fitness so fast :(.

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