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Wow, what a whirlwind of a two week period. I applied and interviewed for a postion with Red Wing Shoe Company mid-May. I wasn’t really looking for a position, I just came across it one day. The posting was for a “business unit controller” — they were looking for someone to provide analysis and recommendations for their shoe line investments (how much, when, when to write things off), where to manufacture their shoes (abroad vs. domestically), analyze their competitor’s moves (what are they doing, where are they moving to, what are their margins, etc). It was exactly what I’ve been looking to do — I just didn’t think I’d ever be considered for it — at least for another 10 years, anyway :).

I was offered the position 2 weeks ago :). Unbelievable! The only downside to the position: it’s in Red Wing (which is a great thing, I love that part of the state) and I live in Eagan. The commute is 1 hour, each way, without traffic. I’m not exaggerating. For me, that’s a big deal. I commute just 5 minutes each way now, which allows me to be as active as I am in so many other things. I thought about all aspects of the offer for a while, though, and finally decided to take it. How often does a positon like this come along? And how often will they offer it to a 25 year old with just 4 years of business experience?? Plus, I just think it’ll be a great long-term fit for me and my husband.

I’ll just have to change a few aspects of my life. I’m sad to do it, but I know what I’ve been doing isn’t sustainable long-term. I’d work 40 hours at my full time job (trying to minimize any overtime!), another 20-25 at Finn Sisu ordering, designing, pricing, and marketing their softgoods and custom clothing. I also did most of the web updates (along with a LOT of help from Nate, who is WAY more creative than I am). In the fall, I also added coaching to that mix, coaching 3-4 days a week. Add on top of this: my own personal training, which I’m trying to put more emphasis on. And learning to XC ski. Problem is, what do I give up?? 🙂 I love all that I do… and the one part I didn’t enjoy I needed to do to pay the bills.

What will I change? I will have to give up coaching, but I am incredibly sad to say this. It is SO rewarding to watch these individuals develop — both as runners and also as strong individuals. I am very close to many of the team members (I’ve coached for 4 years), especially the women’s team. Many of them continue to run today, which I pride myself on encouraging – too many HS females drop out after HS becuase they’re burned out. Alumni write to say “hi”, and current runners discuss college options, college majors, etc. with me. That’s the most rewarding part of coaching :). I’m honestly tearing up as I write this, thinking about telling them I won’t be there next year. I’m going to have to scale back on my work at Finn Sisu. Take out some of the web work and the trail running expansion, and concentrate just on soft goods. I don’t want to give it up completely (I truly love it! It doesn’t seem like “work” to me — talking with, helping sell to endurance athletes? It doesn’t get any better!!). We’ll see if it’s do-able to do both F/S and Red Wing — but I’m going to give it a try.

As for my own running, I really hope I can continue to train at the level I have. I’m concerened that the commute, along with the added stress of the change, a potential move, etc. will really affect me. I already have a training plan outlined for TCM :). I guess we’ll have to see… (it’ll probably be the subject of many future blogs!!)

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  1. Congrats on the new position. Red Wing is a beautiful town and I'm sure you'll love working there. Giving up coaching is definitely a hard thing to do – but it will always be an option in the future. Looking forward to more posts! Oh – and word has it you ran a sub 3-hour marathon? That's crazy like crazy glue.

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