Nailed 4x1k, 2x1k, 4×200!

I’m pretty sure I smiled most of the entire workout. I feel like I’m back from the dead!

Today’s workout: 4×1000 with 1 minute rest, 3:45 each (tempo pace). Then 2×1000 at 3:28, 3 mins rest. Then 4×200 at 38.

I was able to do:
4x1000s in an average of about 3:42-3:43 each
2x1000s in 3:23 each
4x200s: 37, 36, 36, 35

It felt GREAT. Like, seriously great. I wasn’t feeling blazing fast, but just to be back, running fast and meeting or beating my given times felt awesome. I was also super excited to be doing this on the indoor Carleton track! Wow, what a great feeling to breathe in the dry, indoor air and try to navigate the tight turns… it’s awesome :).

12 miles on the day after a long cool down. I’m back! πŸ™‚

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