One week to go

Last Thursday I awoke with a really sore throat and a stuffy nose. The sore throat has since gone away, but I still have a little congestion. It never got bad — thankfully — so I didn’t have to alter my training plan too significantly.

I cut Thursday down to just a 1.5 mile run. I could feel my throat and my legs felt really tired. I was supposed to have done 3x 1 mile repeats, my last of the VO2 max workouts. It’s the only workout of this plan that I’ve missed. I feel sort of bad about that, but going hard would have only put me back. The rest of the weekend I’ve played by ear. Instead of a 13 mile last “long” run (that used to be my mid-week middle distance run!!), I did 11.25. I went slower than usual, and allowed myself a few stops at home. I could tell I was just working a lot harder than normal, breathing harder, and my legs felt weird… like they hadn’t run in a really long time and were having a hard time remembering how to contract/expand.

This Monday I woke up and was a little clearer, thank goodness. My legs also feel a little better. I just hope I’m able to completely kick this within the next few days to allow my body time to fully recover and rest up for the big race… !!

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