Antibiotics and Carbohydrate Loading, perfect combination

I’m still sick, which is really hard for me to accept. WHY now? I’ve trained so well and my recent race results have been the best they’ve been in years. I would LOVE to be able to rock out this Saturday, to be able to show off what I’ve worked so hard for… Ugggg, how frustrating.

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the evening (first available time), and was put on antibiotics. Hopefully that will clear things up fast. It’s a pretty high dose, especially for someone of my size, to hopefully kill anything I have quickly.

In the meantime, I’ve started the 3-day carbo load. I’m trying this for the first time, based off advise of a friend who is a very successful marathoner. For these next 3 days, my goal is to eat as many carbs as I possibly can (4 grams per pound of body weight). Because I’m not running much anymore, I need to watch my calorie consumption as well. So, I have the calculator out and am trying to find foods that have the lowest calorie to carb ratio. 🙂 I’ve never watched what I’ve eaten this closely before — it takes a TON of effort!! My day consists of a lot of oatmeal, fruit, pasta (no sauce), beans, etc. My foods today were all too bland-color, I think tomorrow I’ll try to add some color in with some vegetables (what else is there?).

My other goal is to remain positive, although that’s a little hard to do. I still have a little over 2 days to get over whatever I have… let’s hope :/.

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