A little less sick than yesterday!

Yeah, I’m a little less stuffy than yesterday! That’s great news. Still not great, and the legs still feel sick when climbing stairs, but at least I’m going in the right direction. I’m trying to be positive — there’s nothing I can do about this now 🙂 (besides water and sleep… which I’ve done all I could there as well).

How’s the carb loading going? Pretty good, I’d say. The first day I was able to take in 2200 calories and 440 carbs. That’s exactly where I wanted to be. I could see how it’d be easy to take in too many calories when trying to hit this carb number… I honestly ONLY ate high carb foods.

Today wasn’t as great. Ate a good breakfast later in the morning (9:30 ish), but then forgot to bring a lunch at work. Plus, work was so busy that there wasn’t any time to eat. Argh! I actually wasn’t very hungry until about 3, and at that point, I thought it’d be best to just wait to eat at home. So, my dinner meal was huge, and now, right before bed, I am COMPLETELY stuffed. My stomach looks like I’ve gained 20 pounds. After a recent drink of water I actually thought my stomach would burst — it couldn’t hold another ounce. This is a good reminder to keep what I’m eating in the evening before the race to “just enough” — it would not be smart to be this full tomorrow night.

I counted my calories for the day and just hit 1400, which is really low (so I know my stomach isn’t this full because of food — so it must be water, unless my stomach is rebelling against this diet plan). Part of that is I haven’t run in the last two days (trying to allow my body to get over this cold), and my metabolism is really low if I don’t work out. I haven’t added up the carbs, but I think they’re around 300. Bummer. Wonder if that’s enough to make any difference?

One thing I will mention: I saw a picture of a few “mixed” meals tonight… think tacos, pizza, burgers, lasagna… and I just craved them :). Seriously. Saturday evening I’m going to eat something non-carb related, and I am really excited about it.

So, I hope I wake up tomorrow even less congested. I’ll go for a short jog around the block just to test out my legs and then will be off to Fargo!! Eeeeekkk!!!! 🙂 🙂

P.S. I found out Canada’s World Championship marathoner (very big deal) will be racing in the women’s race. Hmm!
P.P.S. Winds are forecasted at 13 mph, bummer. Know any bigger guys running a 1:29.xx 1/2 marathon up there that want to allow me to draft?? 🙂

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