18:45 at Red Wing’s 4th of July 5k

A 24 second improvement over last week. Yeah! Still not quick, but guess I can’t complain since I’ve only been back running for 4 weeks.

It was a lot harder than the last 5k — my legs are a little dead. Last week was 30 miles with 2 days off. This week was 40, with just one day off. The legs could tell. They just didn’t have that “fast 5k spring” they have before a good race. Despite that, the race went reasonably well. Can’t complain with a 24 second improvement over last week. I was 3rd overall, and made a good impression with some male high school CC runners :). I don’t think they liked being beat by a female.

Between warm up, race, and cool down, I ran a little over 12 miles. Longest run since coming back (previously was 9.5). Yeah!! Legs could tell that it was long, and that the last 2 miles were uphill (running in Red Wing will make you strong!).

Have to say it again… it’s so good to be BACK. I’m so excited to be running hard again, and am so motivated to begin pounding out the mileage :).

More to come this next week on “the Plan”. Coach J put me in contact with Julie (met her at the raced), who ran for Coach J in high school and went on to qualify for the trials in 2000. She’s really familiar with the Jack Daniels plan, so she’ll be able to help me decide on which plan to follow. Perfect timing – I think I’m to the point in my build up that I could map out a plan & actually be able to follow it. How exciting!

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  1. I'm going to be doing a series of posts on different marathon training plans – but I probably won't hit Daniels until late August. One thing people tend to overlook in the Daniels plans is the 100m strides (it's only mentioned in footnotes). The "A" plan follows the idea of starting with VO2max work, then making the fast running extend with tempo runs and lastly longish marathon pacework; it works well for a number of runners. The "Elite" plan mixes things up more and has some difficult repetition work; essentially it's two long runs per week with ever-increasing amounts of speed within them – as written, it's probably not suited for anyone running over 2:20 in the marathon.

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